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How CanvasPop can Help You Showcase the Best of Your Art?

There cannot be a prouder feeling than seeing the best of your printed and showcased as the highlight in your house. Seeing all your efforts bloom is a truly magnificent feeling. But how do you showcase it?

There are always more than a few ways to think out of the box when it comes to art. You need not go behind any trendy styles or art fashions of the time. All you need to do is let your creativity go wild, grab the boldest yet elegant thoughts of yours, shape your artwork around it, and voila! You have the perfect piece to showcase. 

However, if you are still looking for a few means to bring your art to the center stage of attention, here a few ways to up your showcasing game using CanvasPop canvases!

Simple, elegant and fuss-free

Choosing just the right work of art for your home can be tiring enough, but displaying it shouldn’t be. Luckily, with CanvasPop canvas prints, all you need to do is upload the art picture that has captivated you, choose the right filters, if any, and get the hand-stretched, luxurious canvas print delivered straight to your home.

While, amazingly, there is no shortage of ways to display your canvas prints, when looking for a simple yet elegant way to show the art print, just let it recline on a shelf against the backdrop of a white wall or maybe even on the floor next to a vase. The ‘lean-on’ effect itself will add to the sheer beauty of the art print, but the CanvasPop bold and bright print is sure to take all the credit.

You could even experiment with reclining it against a wall while standing on an ornate furniture piece such as a side table or a garden stool.

The more, the merrier

Why stop at a single piece of art when you can have your own art gallery? Art has a peculiar way of looking even pretty when showcased, in contrast with other art pieces. So, when getting your artwork canvases, go for printing more than a single art piece. 

You could opt for art styles that wholly clash with each other if you are looking for a bolder look or artworks that complement each other’s style if looking for elegance. If you create your own artwork, you could totally carry this look.

Just get together pieces that seem to flow together and have them displayed together. You can install picture shelves to display the prints or have them printed in giant sizes to cover your walls. Anyway, it will look just perfect! 

The number rules

You could even use the number rule here and get your canvases displayed in odd numbers to make the whole set up look exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. Or, you could even pair other decor pieces or statement showpieces along with your canvases.

Using CanvasPop to enhance your artworks

Besides displaying your gorgeous art pieces using CanvasPop, you can experiment with your artworks using the website. 

Stories are better told with collages.

All artists have an individual magic touch that knits together their works like a seamlessly flowing river. This magic touch can be beautifully portrayed using collage prints by CanvasPop. All you will need to do is choose a collage style and pictures that you want to go into the collage. 

You can choose from multiple edge options that divide the pictures and a layout that you like.

You could even add pictures of your pets for pet portraits, which are not so short from being artworks themselves, or the images of your children, who in fact are pieces of work.


Let the shadows play.

If you are into editing stuff, you will agree that playing with colors, saturation, and shadows can completely transform a picture. So, if you are a photographer, an artist, or someone who loves creating digital art, CanvasPop is the right place for you.

You can enhance your pictures or artwork using the website’s filters and features and submit it. The artwork is then carefully processed by the CanvasPop team, and the digital proof is sent to you for review. Hence, you can make changes, if any or have it canvased. 

The resulting canvas prints of the artwork are sure to exceed your expectations. You could even use them to draw clients!

Transform your space into an art gallery

CanvasPop does not just specialize in canvas prints, but framed prints, too. If you have an all-consuming obsession with elegant, magnificent, and never seen before frames, CanvasPop is the way to go. You can choose from the oh-so-beautiful frame shades of black wood frame, white wood frame, and espresso wood frame. 

Pick from a selection of different sizes, complementing your pictures, and showcase them together just as in an art gallery. The results are bound to leave you transfixed!

Coming together like a puzzle

One of the best ways to display modern art is by using triptych prints. The multi-panel canvas prints are the perfect way to showcase a landscape portrait that you took on a vacation or an artwork that is so beautiful that standard printing will not do it justice.

Triptych prints are a way to showcase pictures, where an image is divided into three and displayed using multiple canvases that complete the picture when shown together. It works best with landscape pictures or bolder artworks that will look even beautiful when printed in a way seemingly out of the box. 

Apart from the standard sizes offered by CanvasPop, you can even go for custom sizing for your desired piece of art.

Displaying artwork need not be gruesomely tiring work, and with CanvasPop, it really isn’t. Do use their beautiful services and relish in the luxury of canvases!


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