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How my life took a dramatic turn in 2018

Over three years ago I had reached a breaking point in my life I was 20 years old. I felt so miserable yet I had just graduated high school two years prior and something just didn’t add up. Why was I so unhappy? I had finally got the fresh start that I wanted. I had finally found a way to kiss my childhood goodbye and all the insecurities that I had dealt with. It came to me the choices I was making at the time. I still had my employer from high school I was still working for her so I could continue to go college and keep up with appearances though deep down I had been as sad as a dead rose. It wasn’t just working on some of the choices I had been making such as not eating enough not having a healthy stable relationship with people. How do I break free after so long? I began to ask myself these questions in the spring of 2018 aka my last season ever as a Walgreens clerk and as a miserable individual. I didn’t know it yet but my whole life was about to make a huge turn. Whenever I went to work it was horrible no food for 6 hours aka I would go to 7 eleven and have the same hazelnut iced coffee because it held my stomach. It was a work problem so at the end of the spring I had the option of returning for the summer season. I remember stuttering as they had asked if I was returning because the truth was I had reached my breaking point. When June 2018 came I had went to my now former boss’s office when she gave me this snotty attitude and I had lost it but instead of screaming and yelling like a crazy person. i spoke as an adult and told her I didn’t want to work for her anymore and I ran out of that office out of the building down those stairs. She had crazy eyes and I just remember I couldn’t believe I had finally said no and patted myself on the back. I had no plan that summer except my savings were still OK. I had finally felt free as a bird and freer than ever. Not only was my nightmare over but I was beginning a new stage of freedom and adventure. That summer when I started getting the emails about yoga studio. After I quit my old job I had to realize to break free I didn’t just need to break free of my job. On the other hand, I needed to break free from my old life and the hood life. I cut off all contact with the people from high school and my childhood. I need to start a new life for myself that summer. Before January 2019 the only people I called were my mom or my father. On January 19th, 2019 my whole life changed forever when I met Danielle in Manhattan. It is also the first time I’m using the phone for 3 years to communicate with people other than my parents. The beginning of a new era and beginning.

by mspeguero98

I am a young college student lifestyle blogger and aspring rising star born and living in the heart of ny.
I've been a blogger since I was 16 and launched a tiny little blog on blogger known as stephanie as a high school writer. When I entered college in 2016 I turned blogging a hobby and passion into a career. I love to write and read. I also love to travel and love interacting with people everyday is an new adventure. My favorite things to do aside from writing and interacting with people is to act and bake. I Have a strong passion for theatre art and baking really good sweets. My favorite sweets are vanilla golden cupcakes and my favorite food is pizza. I'm also a huge romantic and believe love is the greatest thing to exist in our universe.


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