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How to Deal with Stress – HYS Newsletter #001

Hi –

​Genesis here..

As a member of this vibrant community dedicated to empowering women and owning and embracing your story

I understand the challenges that you may be facing in your daily life

From juggling multiple responsibilities to pursuing personal and ambitious goals, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by stress. 

That’s why I’m writing to you today—to share some valuable insights and strategies on how we can effectively deal with stress in a way that may not be familiar to you. 

Because let’s be honest – stress can consume you and take over every single area of your life

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Soooo.. What even is stress? 

Stress is known to be the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change. 

You may be looking at this definition like… what the heck does this even mean?

It means any time you experience stress is because you are in a situation where you are forced to grow and expand. 

And you are stressed because you care.

✅ You care about your job

✅ You care about your finances

✅ You care about your health

✅ You care about your relationships

Which is totally normal.

But you want to better each and every area of your life

And take out the stressful parts of it because it’s not serving you – but you’re doing it the wrong way. 

They tell you to: 

✅ Go on a walk

✅ Read a book

✅ Hang out with friends 

And although good things to do that you should totally add more into your life – it’s instant gratification. 

It won’t solve your long term problems. 

And the stress will come right back even more than it was before. 

It makes you feel like you are a failure and are doing everything wrong.


That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The belief system that stress is bad is the real cause of unhealthy habits. 

➡️ You start overeating

➡️ You turn to alcohol

➡️ You pick fights in your relationship 

Don’t you think you deserve better than this? 

You are avoiding the things you have to do because you’ve never done them before. 

You are being forced to grow. 

And to grow and evolve as a human being = the meaning of life 

So when you say:

“I don’t want pressure or stress = I don’t want blessings in my life”

More blessings = more challenges 

And more challenges bring for more fulfillment 

But also stress. 

It’s not about feeling the stress, it’s about embracing it. 

Because you are not faced with any challenge that the universe doesn’t believe you can’t handle 

Embracing stress can help you discover your strengths, courage and compassion. 

Because not overcoming your fears = not manifesting your potential. 

And not manifesting your potential means not getting to live out your wildest dreams – in which you are more than capable of doing. 

You got this. 


Ps. What are some situations in your life that are stressful for you that you know you can embrace better? Email me [email protected] & let me know.

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by Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and coach who has dedicated her career to empowering women around the world. As the CEO of Harness Magazine, a digital media company, she has grown a platform that celebrates and amplifies the voices of women from all walks of life.

A first-generation college graduate with a degree from UCLA and growing up undocumented, Genesis brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges that women face in today's world. Her work as a coach has helped countless women find the courage and confidence to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a commitment to building a more equitable and inclusive society, Genesis has become a respected voice in the women's empowerment movement.

Through her work with Harness Magazine and as a coach, Genesis continues to inspire and empower women to take control of their lives and create a brighter, more hopeful future for themselves and for generations to come.

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