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How Wisdom Can Change Your Life.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a few words of wisdom that I wish I knew earlier. It took me a while to enhance the way I think and see life from a different angle. This article is dedicated to anyone struggling in life. I hope you find the encouragement, resource and support you need.

We often heard of the phrase, ‘Rejection is protection’. But what does it actually mean? Well, this catchy phrase refers to the concept that you are being safeguarded from something through a rejection.

For example, if you were rejected by the University you applied for, or if you were declined a job offer by the company you really wanted to work at, or if the crush you had said no to having dinner with you, that’s where rejection is taking place. Honestly, these rejection will hurt you. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be human at all. We as humans are built with emotions and we will definitely feel sadness and grief when we are declined of something (especially if it really meant so much to you). While sitting with your emotions, it’s important to recognise that perhaps you are being protected by something from occuring if you went to that University, if you received the job offer, if you had gone for that dinner with your crush. Whoever you believe in (higher power, the universe, or any faith you have), was protecting you from something. Your belief system could have been creating bigger and much different plans for you. In other cases, perhaps your purpose during that moment, was different (even without you knowing).

This phrase truly means the most to me personally, because I was rejected multiple times from different job applications. I tried editing my resume again and again. Sending out emails to companies. Rejection after rejection. It made me feel useless. I felt like a failure. My self-esteem began to decrease. So much of negativity surrounded me. Few months later, I realised that, I had to take on a role as a caregiver for my loved one who was diagnosed with Cancer. You see, in that motion of continuous rejection, I was looking at a smaller picture. I obviously felt low about myself (which is normal). But, the higher power, the universe, the faith I believed in was preparing me for a different task. If I had the job, I wouldn’t be able to take leave often, I wouldn’t be able to leave the job immediately (due to contract), I wouldn’t be able to care for my loved one during their health crisis. Caring for them requires me to be available 24/7 and weekends, in the event something occurs and they require medical attention. Having a job, wouldn’t allow me to do that. This is where I understood the concept of ‘Rejection is protection’ and it’s significance.

Another concept I have learnt and will be sharing about is in reference to an image I stumbled upon online.

This image was about 2 men climbing a ladder to reach the top, where there was a ‘pot of gold’. One of the man, had already reached the top. While the other man, was just a step or two, from reaching the top of the ladder. He seemed tired and gave up. He made his way back to start of the ladder.

This image, impacted me so much because often times we are so near our goals, but we can sometimes feel tired and just give up. The man was just two steps away from reaching the ‘pot of gold’ (which I supposed, refers to his dreams). If only he had a little more determination and perseverance, he would have achieved his dreams. If he put in more effort, he would have received the ‘pot of gold’.

Personally, this image really stood out to me because I have been in such situations. Let me tell you a story. My story. I discovered my passion for writing and poetry in 2019. Writing became a huge part of how I coped with life. It still is. I started to spread my works and words online on Instagram. At first, it was challenging, I started with 0 followers and 0 likes. I thought about giving up multiple times. There were a few days where I would contemplate if people even liked my works, am I good enough?, etc. Some days, I didn’t even write. I gave up at times. I was two steps away from my ‘pot of gold’. Something in me, just told me to continue on with my work. I guess, it’s the ‘student in me’ that didn’t feel like giving up fully. As I continued writing, few weeks later, another writer wrote a message to me, saying she would like to interview me. She liked my work and felt that I am able to share my words and wisdom in a magazine. I was honestly surprised and shocked at first. A couple months later, the magazine was released online. Seeing that, made me realise that, if only I had given up on myself, on my work, on my page, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be a part of the magazine. I wouldn’t have received the many opportunities I had after the magazine. It was then, that I realised that, determination and perseverance is extremely important. If I had given up, I would have gone back to 0. I wouldn’t have known that I was two steps close to my ‘pot of gold’.

From this two pieces of concepts, I would like to emphasis on the importance of working hard on your dreams and goals. If you are passionate about something, if it means the whole world to you, put your heart and soul into it. Yes, you may get rejected at times, and maybe it’s a protection for yourself, or maybe it’s a sign to try a different route and path to your goals, or maybe your purpose at that point of time is something else (which is unnoticed). It can be any reason at all, but only you will know it with time. In other cases, you may also get upset and think of giving up. When you have such thoughts, always remember that you might be so close to your dreams and goals (without you knowing). Keep trying and never stop seeking what your heart and soul desires.

Chasing your dreams and goals might be hard and so challenging. It might feel like a battle. The constant rejection, the thoughts of giving up can haunt you. Despite all the challenges, I hope you know that you are stronger than what you think you are. You have the potential and capacity in you to flourish and achieve your dreams. You will live your dream, eventually!

by Thiviya

Thiviya. A is a writer and poet from Singapore. She first discovered her passion for writing when she started using writing as her coping mechanism when faced with challenges in life. Writing has helped her to process her thoughts and encourage herself. She created @wingsofwords_poetry on Instagram in June 2021 to create a positive and safe space for the community. She believes that as long as she helps an individual, her goal in poetry writing is fulfilled. Through the years, she took part in many anthologies and competitions. She also wrote her first poetry collection, titled 'The Survivor Spirit' which discusses about healing and hope amidst the struggles one faces in life. Outside of poetry and writing, Thiviya is just an ordinary woman who goes through the motions of studies. She is currently a graduate in Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) and can't wait to continue on with her journey in education and life.

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