A little piece of me died that day
The day your words cut like a knife into my already frail soul
Those words reaffirmed all my insecurities, doubts, and fears
I am too much and not enough all bound together in a broken shell
I am undeserving and not whole yet should see how fortunate I am to have been plucked from my despair
As if I have done nothing but happen upon luck
I am not equal, not as much, not the same Coming from you was hard
It reminded me that I am truly alone
The place thought of as safe is an illusion that helps curve the loneliness
Your words shatter that illusion and once more I am submerged into the desolate darkness of reality

by Cassy Steenhard

Washington Native. I am an adventurer trapped in a broken shell. I love deep and loud. My pain and happiness comes out on paper. Enjoy.

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