Mental Health

“I’m not Okay, but It’s going to be Okay”

20/20 spiraling into 2021 is a total mind screw!


It’s like we just can’t catch a break, as if the Twilight Zone and Punk’d (television shows) had a spin-off series. Unlike many people, I am more than willing to accept not only my flaws, there are many, but my short-term issues that require immediate attention. No shade no tea, just fact.


Right now, I Am not Okay. While society may force-feed the masses to assume false bravados, I do not subscribe to that diet. It’s too unhealthy, deciding instead to be immersed in the realities of self, benefitting me than others without being selfish.


But, the world is crumbling around us. I’m sure we all expected as much. I mean, anything built on unstable footing is bound to topple. The question is, are we going to create a progressively different one or more of the same?


At any rate, as the year hurls us towards monumental historic firsts, both personally and globally, we eagerly await its outcome. As I previously stated, I’m not okay. I’m not depressed or contemplating harm, but it is also not like those off days we all tend to have from time to time. I’m talking about watching nightmares shift into realities. Hypothesis becoming revelations. Fear driving away hope. While I don’t have the answer to make it go away for everyone, I believe in sharing what works for me.   


S.T.O.P. = Stay; Tuned (into); Open-hearted opportunities; Permanently


I know. I know it’s easier said than done, but doing it is necessary and with the quickness.


Each morning I find one thing to be grateful for in my life. Then I write down one thing I want to happen for myself and my family for the day. When going about my professional duties, I take several mini visual vacation breaks (reviewing pictures of things I want, places I want to go, things I want to do, or good things people are doing). Then I return to my duties. 


I remain committed to doing what’s necessary for myself when opportunities present themselves. Taking care of SELF, checking bs at my mind’s door before it spreads throughout my body, out my mouth into the atmosphere is the best gift I can give the world that day. Lastly, when I feel my empathy is running low, I tune out and turn off anything and everything that might hinder me from refueling.


Give yourself 24 hrs. with no electronics. Plug into what you love. Learn a new hobby or at the very least take a walk. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. I sincerely hope this might be a step in the right direction for anyone feeling less than positive. It will get better one good thought at a time. 


by thegreatborrower

Proud African American writer, Social influenc'er, pathfinder introducing AUTHENTIC balance for higher consciousness with a heavy dose of Self-Love, humor and deep-seated thinking...

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