Innocent: Heal your inner child

As Taylor Swift’s lyrics remind us, “Life’s a tough crowd, 32, and still growing up now,” these words strike a chord for many of us as we navigate the uncertainties of life. Growing up, I wasn’t one to overthink things. I reveled in play, enjoyed good food, and cherished moments of laughter. And yes, like anyone else, I appreciated the finer things in life.

Being the youngest in my family afforded me certain freedoms. Perhaps that’s why I clung to my carefree nature for so long. With my parents having already raised my older siblings, they were more relaxed with me. Academics didn’t hold my attention much, but with our modest family business, I saw the value of real-world experience over textbooks. While our business was small and didn’t require my financial contribution, I felt compelled to earn my own money, driven by a desire for independence and self-reliance.

Post-college, I decided to dip my toes into the corporate world, hoping to earn as much as I could, learn, and grow. Fast forward seven years, and I find myself feeling burnt out, like many of my peers. However, I’m grateful for the lessons learned during my corporate tenure, as it was a journey filled with excitement and growth.

However, somewhere along the way, something shifted within me. The chaos I once thrived on now leaves me yearning for peace. I developed an inner voice in my head, which can be paralyzing at times. I don’t think I can continue like this anymore.

Maybe I’m just tired, and I simply need a break, a chance to reflect and recalibrate. It could also be that this internal turmoil is my soul’s way of urging me to embrace change. Is this the universe encouraging me to take detours and try another route? Or is this someone else’s energy I’ve simply taken on?

Pause. Breathe. Play Innocent (Taylor’s version). Close your eyes. ‘Today is never too late to be brand new.’

As I listened to this underrated masterpiece, I went on a trip down memory lane and tried to revisit things I’ve always wanted to do. I remember my dad reading me bedtime stories; maybe that’s why I liked literature. I’m not a geek about it though. I just gravitate towards lighthearted, short, and relatable writings. Along with it was the desire to narrate my story too.

Just as I was writing it, I felt the relief. Then I realized, it was my inner child wanting to play.

I know I’m not the only one experiencing these situations, so I’d like to emphasize the importance of healing your inner child. Consider revisiting abandoned passions as a way to release those voices. Sing, write, dance, create… do you.

Acknowledging the inner voice, embracing change, and reconnecting with our inner child through creative outlets will foster a deeper sense of self-awareness and fulfillment. Remember, healed people heal people.

And just in case you’re wondering, I might not be handing in my resignation letter just yet, but Taylor Swift’s melodies have become my trusty sidekicks in the cubicle jungle and a newfound love in writing.

by Jan

Hi, it's me. Just another face in the crowd of corporate warriors, but with a heart full of dreams and a playlist full of Taylor Swift. I'm your average Plain Jane, cruising through the daily grind with a smile and a hope that maybe, just maybe, there's more to this crazy world than meets the eye. Armed with a budget so tight it squeaks and a belief in the power of good vibes, I'm strutting through life like I own the place – even if I'm still figuring it all out. So here's to embracing the journey, finding the magic in the mundane, and maybe snagging a decent lunch deal along the way.

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