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Inspiration Behind the Book: French Door to Foyer

I have been a writer for over 25 years, exploring wordplay in creative writing by experimenting with poetry, prose, short stories, operas, essays, some novel work, music, etc.

I have always loved how magical, shocking, and sometimes unexpected imagination can be. I love where it can take us, challenge us, and shape us.

For a long time, I wrote solely for myself. About 13-14 years ago I started working on more whimsical writing with the use of poetry and prose, and then a few months later I had a traumatic experience that flipped my world upside down.

I then began using writing as a form of therapy to process what I had experienced and what it had done to me. As a result of the incident,

I began to experience a lot of fear that told me I could not go and do. I knew that I could not allow this feeling to consume me. I started going out to dinner, out to bars and even traveling abroad by myself.

While out on these solo adventures I would often write, as well as engage in conversation with those around me. This allowed me to conquer my fear and anxiety and now it’s my favorite thing to do!

I am fascinated by how people think and how they see the world. Around that same time, I met a co-worker who became my writing mentor and introduced me to a writers’ group that she ran.

The group was filled with mostly experienced and published writers in the genres of Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Fantasy, and Screenplay writing.

This was the community I so desperately needed at that time in my life – they inspired me to find my voice. Throughout the process of blossoming and healing, they taught me that I have a gift and that my voice is something that needs to be shared. I channeled my rediscovered voice into writing a series of experimental, explorative, and expressive compositions that I compiled to
form my first book.

French Door to Foyer is a collection of pieces that I wrote during that period in my life of processing trauma, challenging myself to overcome that hardship, and finally allowing myself to see the magic of the world around me. I chose the title of my book as a play on words for going through something and entering a new and exciting place.

The three main sections follow this theme: Observational, Internal Dialogue and Imaginative Adventure.

The idea is that of a person peering through glass French doors as a way of observing; stepping into the foyer signifies entering something new; and exiting the room signifies embarking on new adventures.

When I decided, many years after I completed the book, to find an editor/proofreader and pursue publishing, I knew I wanted this book to be the first one I published.

This was the work that reignited my passion for writing and showed me that this is what I want to do with my life.

You can grab a copy of this beautiful book on Amazon HERE:

by Signe Damron

I am a publisher (Signe-ture Publishing) and a writer from Columbus, Ohio. I launched my first book, French Door to Foyer, a collection of poetry in April of 2022. I have a passion for people and their stories, traveling, food, music and words.


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