It’s All About the Hustle

My name is Nicole Schaefer. I own a law firm in Portland, Oregon. I recently became addicted to trademarks. Seriously, if anyone so much as mentions trademarks, I can and will talk about them for like half an hour without stopping.

Why trademarks? Well, it all started with this online class I took: Rainmaking. For those of you who smart enough not to go to law school, rainmaking is the term lawyers use to indicate bringing in a lot of business for their law firms.

Anyway, I took this rainmaking course from one of the most amazing lawyers I wish I knew. She’s seriously awesome and I plan on being just like her. This rainmaking course changed my life. Suddenly, I actually enjoy practicing law. It’s become this fantastic game where I meet other lawyers and network (something I hate), write thank you notes and collect business cards.

This fabulous, wonderful attorney also happens to have a booming Trademark practice. Now I had already started her Trademark course, but had sort of forgotten about it. After her rainmaking course, I felt like a whole new person and that made me want to practice trademarks.

Another issue with lawyers is this thing called “imposter syndrome.” This is not just limited to lawyers, but it does seem to hit female lawyers especially hard. I admit readily that I have been suffering from this for about eight years, give or take. When you have imposter syndrome, you kind of freeze. Basically, you want to succeed, but you feel like you don’t know anything at all. So you don’t ever take any chances. You just sit around and freak out that someone is going to figure out that you’re a fraud and come after you.

After this course, my imposter syndrome went away. I wish I could bottle this feeling. I am volunteering to counsel people on starting businesses. I am writing articles on… you guessed it, trademarks! I am doing talks. I am literally busy all of the time meeting lawyers. I don’t let clients walk all over me anymore. My time is valuable. My life is valuable. I deserve it.

I guess I didn’t actually write about trademarks in this article. That’s probably a good thing. It’s incredibly exciting to me, but would probably put anyone else to sleep. I guess my point is that you never know what’s going to light your fire and change your life. Maybe I was just ready to change. All I know is it feels pretty damn fantastic.

by nschaefer13

I'm a lawyer in Oregon with two law firms. One is devoted to Estate Planning, Probate, and Business law (for Animal-related businesses), and Animal Law. One is all about creatives! I practice Music Law, Art Law, Creative Business Law, etc.

On the side, I write. I have several books in the works currently and I love writing! I also just started a dance fitness company and a nonprofit which recycles old magazines and sells them for vision boards and artwork!.


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