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King: Dedication


Eyes that deep

Hands covered in art.

Your silhouette like peace in the sun

Looking at you, I don’t see the weight you bear,

Or even your deepest fears

Looking at you,

I see someone that most men can’t compare to

Most men could not attest to

A man, in the rarest form

Side by side your sons

I see the way they look up to you and never through you

The way they desire your hand for their chosen path,

Your embrace for their safety net

No matter the day, you never lack for words to say.

You are always there for their reach.

These words are nearly insufficient.

Don’t encompass the respect and admiration I have gained.

You are king.

A provider

A father

You have risen above these dilapidated environments.

Above these broken systems

Above these mindless folks

Created a world where they are protected.

An indescribable sacrifice

Or was it ever really a sacrifice?

When you have created and risen above your purpose in this life






by Kristina Hopper

Self published author;
Dream Seeker;
Art Curator;


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