Living with a Creep

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was this girl named Beth. Beth had just recently moved to a new area, with very few friends, facing the world on her own every day. Beth decided with college students home on break, that it would be a great idea to have a small social gathering at her house to bring in the New Year. It had been a rough year for Beth with graduating college, moving somewhere new, and the lovely lifestyle of working two jobs. Bringing in the New Year with real friends was the best way to end the past year and the best way to start the next. It was a great way to bring in the New Years’, even though the next day was a little rough. After everyone had left, Beth cleaned her house and enjoyed the life of no company by laying on her couch watching football. Beth’s roommate who was a guy decided to join her. Beth did not know this roommate very well but still considered him someone she could chill with and watch the game with.

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover!

This roommate began a conversation about how he needed to get his dick sucked and proceeded to tell Beth to text her friends that were over the previous evening to come to sleep with him, or at least suck his dick. Of course, Beth, being a human with morals would never put her friends in a situation like that, ignoring his request. He then proceeded to tell Beth to just go ahead and suck his dick. No eye contact was made, Beth just said no and continued to watch the game. Red Flag.  The vibes present in the room were uncomfortable and awkward but that didn’t stop the guy from continuing to be an ass. Beth tried to zone him out and focus on the television which was now playing Harry Potter but was shockingly asked if she would fuck him for $500. He made a comment about how he’d pay her rent and he knows that she needs money. Absolutely disgusted at this point she said, ” I wouldn’t sleep with you for $10,000.” Never in her life had she been talked to as a prostitute, such a degrading manner. Every time Beth would stand up for herself and state that she wasn’t a whore, slut, and that she actually has self-respect and doesn’t sleep around, he would just say stuff saying “Are you sure?” “Come on, okay, whatever.” Beth was extremely offended and uncomfortable that someone who she lived with thought so lowly of her and would say such degrading and rude things to a woman. She had no idea what to do and just began texting a few friends informing them of what was occurring because she was afraid that something would happen.

There were red flags the entire time she had known him. She had heard stories of who he was, and his morals were not something Beth agreed with. Another red flag was months before she had her family visiting so she slept in their other roommate’s bed and woke up after he had come home drinking to him grabbing her ankles, while she was sleeping. She had even woken up to a text from him at 3 am as well. Oh and to make this story even better, I’ll throw in a plot twist. This guy has a girlfriend and left after harassing his roommate to go pick up his girlfriend.

The moral of my little short story is that people need to grow up and learn how to have respect for others. Regardless of man or woman, one should never speak so degrading about someone. It is not fair that myself and so many others have been in uncomfortable situations because a creepy person did not know how to stop, or that no means no. Please just have more respect for people !!

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