Poetry & Art

Memories in Fabric

Patched together, in a quilt

Love and pain and hope and guilt

Complexity no one will know

Stitched along each woven row

Fabric memories kept her warm

Wrapped around her through the storm

Snippets from each person, each face

keeping account of each time and place

As the symbol erodes, will nostalgia too?

Will the past be able to be replaced by the new?

Or as the seams rip open and stitches fall apart,

will a lifetime of moments all start to depart?

Regret will start to fester, reflection under duress

Fabric tears, the past crumbles into nothingness.

by riaxm

Hi, my name is Ria! I'm a junior at Barnard College of Columbia University, currently living in Manhattan.

I've always enjoyed writing and aim to express feelings and inspire others through poetry. My biggest inspirations for my poems are the "a-ha" moments that I experience, the fairy lights in my room, and words that I simply think just sound good together.

Thanks for checking my writing out! For project inquiries, shoot me an email at riamavin@gmail.com. :)

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