You just may not understand,
all this fuss about #metoo,
so, I dare you to walk in my heels,
and imagine it happening to you.

A quick glance at your breasts, as if you didn’t see,
a lingering handshake and hello, that makes you feel…well, dirty.

You lead a key presentation, he interrupts, and interjects,
as if you never spoke at all, nor deserve equal respect.

Imagine you’re on a conference call, he puts the phone on mute,
he silences your voice, to fill his giant ego suit.

You show up to the office, a room, full of “bros,”
men who banter about their “b*tch” wives,
and talk of girlfriends as hoes.

You attend a work event, mostly men and then there’s you,
imagine when the new guy turns and asks, “so, which wife is it are you?”

At first you think you’re crazy,
that it’s all inside your head,
these “little” things continue,
(psst) crash, boom! It’s the glass ceiling instead.

“Hey, you’ve got great legs,” he says, canvassing you up and down,
“how ‘bout happy hour? Will you be around?”

He talks about his package,
and gets vulgar with you about sex,
as if he’s testing you to see,
what you might just allow next.

And consider I’m a “lucky” one, whose never been coerced,
to do something physical
or something that was forced.

I share this now today,
to help you understand,
that when we say TIME IS UP,
we’re taking a damn stand!

We’re saying it’s enough, “pussy grabbing” at the top,
overt and systemic inequality just has to f*cking STOP.

We stand for our big sisters, who first blazed through this trail,
we fight for those who follow, to be treated equal to the male.

And to all the men out there,
who maybe didn’t realize,
if you wouldn’t say it, do it to a man,
then reconsider if it’s wise.

If you are still confused,
about the right thing to do,
imagine I’m your mother,
or your wife, sister, daughter,
someone female who is close to you.

Men and women are not the same,
yes, that is true.
We’re only asking for the same respect,
the same treatment (and pay) as you.

So when a woman comes forward,
and is brave enough to share,
sit down and listen to what she says,
please show her that you care.



Author: Natalie D’angelo
Email: nattidd@icloud.com
Author Bio: Natalie D’angelo is a first-generation American whose parents’ journey afforded her access to the American Dream. As a successful executive in the digital marketing and user engagement fields, Natalie has over 15+ years of helping both young start-ups and large corporations identify and execute on their core business strategies. What makes Natalie’s heart sing is anything that allows for creative expression or leaving a positive imprint on the world. She has spent her life writing poetry and capturing moments through her photography and as a native San Diegan, she is the co-founder of WAY San Diego, an Instagram micro-blog inspiring people to explore all that is great about San Diego, California.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @nattidd



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