Poetry & Art

Morning Breath

My coffee this morning tastes like



I add some sugar.


Bitter. Bitter. Bitter.



the faintest coffee flavor

more of a memory

rather than



It sits until it gets cold

and I can’t stand the sight of it –

a cold, frothy



I dump it down the sink.


It tasted just like you.

by Dani Cowan

Both my life and my art revolves around the “Wild” – natural lighting, earthy hues, landscapes, and raw, meaningful moments.

My love for Geography and adventure brought me to photography, visual art, and writing, where I can seamlessly incorporate people, places, and their beauty.

I am a lover of the outdoors, a coffee fanatic, a Honda Element driver. I can be found wandering on cloud 9 through the aisles of farmer markers, mountain landscapes, and the beaches of south Florida. My obsessions are far and wide including manatees, running, DIY projects, and my 70-lb dog, Goober. When I'm not busy writing or creating acrylic landscapes, I am working towards my home-on-wheels, a 2007 soon-to-be-converted Dodge Sprinter.


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