Most Innovative Ideas for Your Home Office

Creating a home office is a task that can require a lot of planning, strategizing and outside of the box thinking. The reason behind this is quite simple – you need a room within your home that is optimized for maximum productivity. Achieving this might be harder than you now realize. So, with that in mind, here are six simple tips to help you get going.

1.     Pick the Quietest Room

The first task that you’ll encounter when it comes to making a proper home office is picking the right room for the job. Ideally, you would choose a room that’s in the most remote part of the house, due to the fact that you’ll be less distracted by noises. This is particularly true for those who don’t live alone. Second, it would be wise to pick a room facing the yard, instead of choosing one that’s facing the street. This way, you’ll be less exposed to outside noises. Also, you might want to pick the room facing east, in order to get the maximum amount of natural light early in the morning when you’re the most productive.

2.     Office Zone is fine unless you aim for Deductions

It’s completely fine if you don’t have an entire room to assign to your home office. Instead, you can get a dual-purpose room and make a closet office or make an office zone. There’s only one problem with this plan; there are home-based business deductions that you may not qualify for if you go down this route. You see, the way these deductions work is that they allow you to deduct a portion of your utility bill as a cost of running a business. The portion in question is always the percentage of the room that’s used for business but for this to work, this portion needs to be business-exclusive.

3.     More than just a Computer

One of the biggest misconceptions of the present-day business world is the idea that you can, for some reason, replace an office with a computer or a smartphone. This is simply not true. A proper desk and an ergonomic chair matter just as much, but why stop there? In the case where you want to do some brainstorming, you might want to get popular office supplies like premium magnetic whiteboard for noting down your ideas. This can also come in handy during FaceTime meetings and conference calls since it can become a prop in your presentation. In other words, what you want is for the room to feel like an office instead of just looking like it.

4.     Work on some Inspiration

There are three ways to make this office inspirational – first, you have the opportunity of customization. Second, you need to provide enough natural light. Third, you need to make the room come to life. As for the customization, you can start with personal items like photographs of loved ones (stuff you would have on your desk in a traditional office) and proceed to post some motivational quotes around the office. The issue of light was already discussed in one of the previous sections and when it comes to making the room come to life, you can’t go wrong with some indoor plants.

5.     Prepare a Proper Storage

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to tend to is the issue of adequate office storage and there are several ways for you to achieve this. First, you need to understand that there are two factors that make storage efficient. Storage should be easy to reach and second, it needs to be safe. Regardless if you use boxes or wall storage, these two factors remain universally true.

6.     Make a Set of Rules

The truth is that having a home office isn’t such an easy task and that the only way that you’re going to make it is by getting everyone on board. This means laying down some ground rules with your family, friends and roommates. What you need to do is explain to them that, just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you’re available or free.

Lastly, in order for all of this to come together, you need to be 100% sure that you want to have a home office and not just see it as a mandatory, yet, unwanted repercussion of owning a business. Think about it, if productivity is all that you’re worried about, it would be easier to find a decent shared office space instead of having to invest in all this work. Still, it goes without saying that making your home office definitely has its perks and that all of this work definitely pays off.

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by DianaSmith

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