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Mother, Woman, God.

They praise war hero’s because they conquer by brutal force,
blood measures the heart of a hero.

But land stained in red cares not;
how many men slain by a sword;
mother earth is a giver and a lover to all.

When greed destroys, she adapts.

When you invest in her, she gives tenfold.

It’s not her nature to withhold and covet;
that is the free will of man.

She’s full of wisdom, broad as an eagle’s wing.
She’s the wind beneath feathers;
she’s the rain that heals.

She’s intuitive; she’s powerful though invisible.
She is commanding, but she doesn’t wail.

She’s overlooked, but she never fades.
But when the earthquakes, we feel her.

The Woman. Our Mother.

She has a far greater purpose than flesh and gold.
She’s the womb of life; she’s the creator of souls.

She holds the world together.
She brings order to chaos.

She’s selfless; without her, love would have conditions.
Without her, evil would rule.

She is God. She is an Angel.

She is a woman, divine and pure.

by Leisharn Gregory

Hi, my name is Leisharn Gregory. I'm a writer under the pseudonym of Liem. You can find my poetry under liem the writer on Instagram, and Facebook.

I’m an Australian Indigenous (Kija) woman with Japanese heritage from my father’s side who is half Japanese and Indigenous Australian with some korean. My mother is also Indigeous Australian with Melanesian, and european heritage such as irish, swiss, english heritage. I was born in Western Australia. My interests are in Art and writing. I love reading about Molecular biology, Astrology, Mythology, and the connection between science, and spirituality. Through my love of science, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge, I can see the connection between stories of creation from ancient cultures, and modern-day science; like a hidden bridge lost in symbolism. I’m currently studying a Diploma in Astrology.

I get great satisfaction out of connecting, inspiring and motivating people, in my opinion, we are all important no matter what race, socioeconomic status, physical aesthetic etc. I believe in the power of positivity, Inclusion and Love, and I always follow my heart.

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