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My mind and I

I can never live freely.

These voices in my end

won’t stop speaking.

I’m trying my best daily.

Yet, they never fail to criticise and question me.

You keep getting rejected.

Am I good enough?

Your hair is a mess.

Am I pretty?

You should have given it more than your all.

Am I not smart enough?

You talk to yourself.

Don’t you have anybody to care?

No dreams and goals.

Why is your life such a mess?

I guess I can never be free.

I don’t have switches like these power sockets & I can’t remove my mind like an unused battery.

I guess, this story is mine to share.

Don’t we all have some type of experience we have?

If you ever feel alone, know that 8 billion of us are with you- not physically but emotionally.

Remember to reach out if you wish to, it’s okay to not always be okay.

by Thiviya

Thiviya. A is a writer and poet from Singapore. She first discovered her passion for writing when she started using writing as her coping mechanism when faced with challenges in life. Writing has helped her to process her thoughts and encourage herself. She created @wingsofwords_poetry on Instagram in June 2021 to create a positive and safe space for the community. She believes that as long as she helps an individual, her goal in poetry writing is fulfilled. Through the years, she took part in many anthologies and competitions. She also wrote her first poetry collection, titled 'The Survivor Spirit' which discusses about healing and hope amidst the struggles one faces in life. Outside of poetry and writing, Thiviya is just an ordinary woman who goes through the motions of studies. She is currently a graduate in Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) and can't wait to continue on with her journey in education and life.

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