Mykonos – The Perfect Place to Unwind

Whether you are heading away with your loved ones or going solo, everyone needs the sort of holiday where they just get to sit back and totally relax. The beautiful Greek island of Mykonos has been a hotspot for many years. Although it is incredibly popular, you can still have a quiet and peaceful holiday here where you can completely unwind. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should think about Mykonos.

Quiet Accommodation with Great Views

If you feel you just want to get away from it all then you should definitely think about Mykonos. The main town might be bustling with life but there are plenty of Mykonos luxury villas out on the cliffs of the island which might suit you better. These can offer you a bit more privacy if you would rather unwind and only head into the towns when you feel like it.

These villas can offer great value for money if you split the costs between your friends. If everyone wants to go on holiday together but do their own things, this might be a great way to manage it. Opting for high-end accommodation will give everyone the space they need to relax and have a good time. If this sounds appealing to you, you can find luxury villas here.

Time to Explore

Mykonos is one of the most popular places to stay in the Greek islands but that does not mean that you have to fight with other tourists to see the local sites. Consider hiring your own car as this will allow you to head out at your own pace. You might have better luck heading out to get there in time for opening. If you can go places early in the morning, you will probably be ahead of the rest of the tourist crowd.

Alternatively, why not hire a boat for the day? There are many companies who offer expeditions and day trips out. With a team to steer the boat and take care of your every whim, you can lie back and watch the coastline drift past. Whether this is just a day trip or your entire holiday, it is a fantastic way to see Mykonos from a new perspective.

The Best Food

Many people love to head away on holiday as it gives them the chance to step away from whatever diet they have been on and indulge in some amazing food. Mykonos is the place to do it. Since Mykonos has become a haven for celebrities and other high-end clientele, there are plenty of high-end restaurants for you to visit.

If you would rather keep the budget down, you can also head to one of the many cheaper establishments around the island. A little research before the trip means that you can line up a list of great restaurants you can’t wait to visit. Don’t forget to try some of the traditional cuisines of the island too. Each Greek island has its own speciality dishes and Mykonos is no different. Make sure you try kopanisti, kalathaki, or kremidopita.

Anything You Could Want

The great thing about Mykonos is that there are hidden secrets to discover. If you like to pare things back on holiday and take every moment as it comes, you would definitely love what Mykonos can offer. From beaches well away from the tourist track, to sleepy little villages, there are secrets everywhere and you can discover them at your own pace.

Maybe you would even like to just hole up in a taverna for the day and speak to some locals. The locals are always happy to pass on tidbits about island life to help you find the perfect place to go.

Whatever you are searching for, Mykonos will be able to offer it. There are nightclubbing hotspots which could see you rubbing shoulders with some famous faces around the world. There are sleepy coffees as you watch the sunrise over the sea. No matter what you are looking for in a holiday, you can definitely find it here.

August is the high time for Mykonos so you should avoid visiting in the month if you want to avoid the mega-crowds. However, even a trip during the high season can leave you feeling refreshed if you can find a quiet corner to live in. A combination of the bright sun and smell of the Aegean Sea is bound to help air out some of your mental cobwebs. With even just a week or a long weekend, you should be able to sit back and properly relax. Take in the island life around you and feel yourself unwind. The pace of life here is something which truly helps to draw people to Mykonos, and it might make for one of the most restful holidays you have ever have.



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