How To Nail Your Next Client Consultation

I know what you’re thinking. NO ONE likes the sell. That awkward dance, where you’re trying desperately to convince someone to hire you, all the while trying to act as if you’re not “trying”. It can be exhausting, and discouraging to say the least. I’ve been there. It took years of walking that line to develop a formula for myself, and my team of 10+ wedding planners, that would work consistently. And, I’m so excited to share my formula in hopes of helping others nail their next client consultation.

LOVE WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. The most important part of the sell is your devotion to what you’re reppin’. If you don’t believe in your service, brand or product, you can stop reading here.

CREAT AN EMMOTIONAL CONNECTION. Before you dive in, allow your new prospective client to talk as much as they wish. Have a few questions written in front of you or top of mind to get them chatting. People feel best about a consultation when they feel heard.

BECOME A TRUSTED ADVISOR. You’re experienced, wise and know your stuff, right?! I thought so! So, make sure you have a few points that illustrate that to your client. I like to lead with a phrase like, “I’m sure you’re talking to a few other ___ (insert professional description here ___).  They often _______, but we (how you do it better). This will expose your competition’s flaws and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

KNOW THAT IT’S OKAY TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. Make sure you know what your calling card is, and play it up! What makes you unique in your industry? What services do you excel in?

SET REALISTIC COMMUNICATION BOUNDARIES. Make sure that you take time to establish some clear work boundaries with your prospective client, like working hours, response time and re-clarify services if needed. You’ll thank yourself later when they’re emailing you at midnight and you don’t feel the panicked urge to email them back right away.

MAKE TIME FOR A Q & A. Make sure you hand the mic back, open up your time for questions and concerns. If you don’t know the answer to a question that is asked, it’s always okay to say you’ll need to think about it and follow up later with your response. Don’t be afraid of questions, let their concerns be heard. Most likely, you’ll be able to calm any fears and set the stage for a great working relationship!

CLOSE WITH ACTION STEPS. Wrap up the consultation with your next action steps. Make sure your client leaves knowing when they can expect to hear from you with a proposal, contract, etc. Set clear expectations – this seals the deal every time! You’re proving already that you’re a great communicator, and organized.

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Author: Sarah Chancey
Email: info@chanceycharmweddings.com
Author Bio: Most days, you’ll find me steering my business from my home office and taking breaks to chase after my toddler son padding barefoot through the house. I’m a wedding planner, creative industry educator and speaker, design-loving sketch-book aficionado, and mentor to my team. I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to find a creative career with freedom and flexibility to focus on what’s important: your faith and your family. Serving wedding planners as they build a career they love and learn the ropes of the industry is why I’m in business. This has lead me to launch educational resources for wedding industry creatives that can be found on our website.
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  1. Love these tips on how to make selling yourself/your services easier! I so agree, no one likes the sell, but if you love what you’re selling and you can create that connection, it doesn’t feel like selling. Thank you Sarah for sharing!

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