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Open Heart

Open heart


The sun rises

 Illuminating the roses growing from your head,

The lips that speak promises and dissect daggers,

The hands that mold the clay of the world,

The feet that stand amongst the successes and the failures,

The eyes that witness vulnerabilities and encourage strengths,

The sun rises to illuminate you,

 The woman

The sun rises to shine through your soul,

To give hopefulness to your heart

The sun rises to illuminate the smile that the world always longs to see

Never let the darkness surround you

Let your phone go to silent

Keep the make-up brushes in the drawer

Take those rolled up tissues and throw them in the trash

 Keep the sunflowers growing in your garden

The sun rises to illuminate you

When the dawn crosses the horizon,

Rise with the sun


Dedicated to A.F.

by Kristina Hopper

Dreaming of the sunset where all the best poems are created...

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