overcoming sadness and finding strength in a new beginning

When comes depression is like a disease that can be cured with an amount of

treatment and treating the cause. It is something that if dealt with can go away and you can be happy.

In 2022 during my final year of pursuing my associate’s degree, I became depressed. It’s that feeling when

you are under so much pressure and so much is going on in your life that it feels unbearable. I remember

waking up and it feeling so dark a wave of sadness and of wanting to cry every single day. I was

dealing with so much the pressure of graduation and heading into the workforce full-time. I was

feeling the need to be perfect and make it and make everyone happy my family and my friends. Some of my friends moved away which wasnt easy to deal with but we still keep in touch with social media and phones. In august i started therapy and i began to realize so much that i needed to fight for my life and being selfish was a good thing when it came to do things that make me happy and doing things that benefit my mental health as well. I started school again but only agreed to start my bachelors degree if

it was completly online. I begun to focus on my creatvity that could be also used as a career and make an income. During therapy i began to love myself again and that feeling was like it was Christmas morning and you’re on cloud nine. You have to love yourself first if you want others to love you and do things that are right for you and not for what others think. You have gotta find your inner strength and you cant just throw life away. Overcoming my depression going through therapy taught me to not only love my self but to love life because we only have one life to live and lets make it memorable and happy. They will be bad things sad things but thats part of the cycle of life and beyond our control. You are special you are beautiful and you are so many things. In February I’m not only getting ready for my 25th birthday but so many things such as my career and among many things.

by stephanie peguero

I am a young college student lifestyle blogger and aspiring rising star born and living in the heart of NY.
I've been a blogger since I was 16 and launched a tiny little blog on blogger known as stephanie as a high school writer. When I entered college in 2016 I turned to blog a hobby and passion into a career. I love to write and read. I also love to travel and love interacting with people every day is a new adventure. My favorite things to do aside from writing and interacting with people is to act and bake. I Have a strong passion for theatre art and baking really good sweets. My favorite sweets are vanilla golden cupcakes and my favorite food is pizza. I'm also a huge romantic and believe love is the greatest thing to exist in our universe.


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