Paris Days

Solo traveler on a busy Parisian train platform.

The Adventure begins.

Commuters move like worker bees.

Buzzing left and buzzing right.

Lost in the moment, the train arrives and leaves.

Darting full speed 

Off to the Louvre to meet the Queen- Mona. 

Off to the Palace to meet the King. 

Paris days turn into Paris nights

Paris nights turn into Paris days 

Buzzing left and buzzing right

We return to the platform to live it all over again

And the Adventure continues.

by Ahzizah

As a health and wellness enthusiast, aspiring content writer, and avid traveler -Ahzizah enjoys traveling to see and experience new parts of the country and world as a source of inspiration and creativity. She's still a big work in progress but she loves being a part of a large community where she can learn from others, share, and showcase positive ideas in an uplifting and creative way.

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