Poetry & Art

Perceived Beauty

I stand before him
             skin bare
basking in feelings of Earth,
my roots run deep
                  into Her
the dips in my skin
the same as veins in Her tree
you can’t love me,
                   I whisper
not as you are -

because my skin
             is s a c r e d

only certain eyes can see
only a soul can  F e e l
                    and love
                           and appreciate 
my flesh forces you to abandon
                   all that you know
all that you perceive
as Beautiful
all that you believed
was Beautiful
by Hanna Proctor

Hanna Masen is the co-owner of Four Apothecary, a tarot reader, poet, and a mom of three littles! Her passion is inspiring others to be the very best versions of themselves and helping them unlock their creative talent. Self-expression is her medicine. When she's not writing poetry and sipping wine at her favorite cafe, she's enjoying the present moment with her closest loved ones, or maybe even working on a new business venture! You can connect with her on TikTok or Instagram. She's always down to talk anything spirituality, personal growth, or even to collaborations.


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