They believed it was the end of her
Let it be her finish
But as they began to walk away..
She emerges from the fire unconsumed
Rising from the ashes of her enemies
Broken bondages flung aside,
As she spread her mighty wings
Fueled by the flames meant to destroy her
Ready to Soar into a golden sheen
Hell did not prevail,
For she was a Phoenix,
She was revived.
by Carina H

Ever since I was in grade school, writing has been my main instrument of expression. This is whether in a journal, a letter, a story, a poem, or even funny notes I would leave for someone to find. Writing has also been one of the main things that have gotten me through tough times such as my lifelong struggle with my mental health. I would fail to share a huge piece of me if I didn't also include that my relationship with God, and my faith, has also been a source of healing, as well as peace, and purpose. I like to write my hope in God, wrestling with God, depression, anxiety, and stories that I conjure up from random inspiration. I hope to one day publish a book about my faith, as well as a poetry book. Hopefully. I hope you can connect somehow and enjoy my heart through the letters and words I put together.

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