Pre-Puppy Planning: What to Think About Before Getting a Dog as a Couple

Choosing to adopt a puppy is one of those major life decisions that can be both thrilling and intimidating. I will be the first to say that pet ownership is more than just unending cuddling and cute playtimes because I’ve experienced all its highs and lows. Your lifestyle will be changed forever, and your patience will be tested. But if you just know a few trips and secrets to consider, your little duo will become a trio filled with even more love and happiness. 

Here are some things to think about before adding a four-legged family member to your home.


1. Assess Your Lifestyle

Adopting a dog is a thrilling experience, but it necessitates a critical examination of your existing lifestyle. Like young children, puppies are hyperactive and require continual care and attention. Consider your daily schedule. How much time do you actually have for yourself? Do you usually work late nights at the office, or do you prefer last-minute weekend getaways? 

Puppies can adjust to a variety of lifestyles, but this adjustment sometimes calls for sacrifice. For example, a couple who prefers a more relaxed, indoor lifestyle may not be the ideal choice for a highly active dog. On the other hand, select a breed that can keep up if you enjoy being outside. 

2. Budgeting for a Furry Friend

The financial aspect of pet ownership often takes many new pet parents by surprise. Beyond the initial adoption or purchase fee, there are expenses like food, toys, grooming, and health care. Start by creating a comprehensive budget that includes initial costs such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and essential supplies like a bed, leash, and food bowls. Don’t forget the recurring expenses: quality pet food, routine vet check-ups, flea and tick prevention, and grooming. 

Also, vet services are high, so consider setting aside an emergency fund for unexpected health issues, so you don’t need reviving after you get the bill. Discussing and planning for these expenses together ensures you’re both ready for the financial commitment that comes with adding a puppy to your family. 

3. Have Help on Speed Dial

As much as you’d like to stay in your little bubble, just you, your partner, and your new pet, life will not wait for you to settle in and enjoy the honeymoon phase. Job deadlines, personal commitments, or unanticipated occurrences prevent you from being with your pet. That’s when having a reliable pet sitting service on speed dial becomes invaluable. Start by researching reputable pet sitters in your area, and choose someone with good reviews and a track record of reliability. 

Also, talk with your family and friends about how they feel about helping you at times. We were lucky to have been surrounded by dog lovers, so help was abundant, but it’s not the case for everyone. Brief your trusted people on your pup’s routine so you can create a comfortable backup plan. This network ensures your puppy is cared for and loved, even when you can’t be there, providing peace of mind during those inevitably busy or unpredictable times.

4. Training and Socialization

A well-trained dog is a happy dog, which makes for happy owners. You don’t want to be embarrassed when going to the dog park because your pup plays rough with others, or anxious about having friends over because your pup will jump on them (these are all things that happened to us, btw!) In addition to teaching obedience, ensure that your puppy can explore the surroundings safely. 

Enrolling in puppy training classes could be a smart choice because they teach basic instructions and allow your dog to interact with other dogs and people. With a dog that’s confident, your partner and you will gain access to a plethora of activities that will make your joint life and relationship healthier and more fun. Make sure your partner and you are on the same page here, as this stage will influence many aspects of your life in the future. 

5. Discuss Responsibilities

One of the most critical conversations my partner and I had before bringing our puppy home was about dividing responsibilities. It was essential to lay out who would handle daily walks, feeding times, vet visits, and, yes, even the less glamorous tasks like cleaning up accidents. Decide who gets up for those early morning walks or who’s on cleanup duty after your puppy discovers mud. 

It’s also important to agree on how you’ll handle training to ensure consistency in commands and rules. Sharing the responsibilities not only lightens the load but strengthens the bond between you as a couple and with your new furry companion.


What do you say, are you ready? Discuss these things with your partner, and then family and friends, and make the best decision for your future pup and your family. One is for sure, though: If you follow these tips and commit, you’ll add a new member to your household and strengthen the relationship with your significant other. This is a decision that can improve many lives!

by Sophia Smith

I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, a researcher, a graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. Lover of basics, white and vintage treasures. Design plays a huge role in my personal expression. Also, I am focusing on minimalism and good quality. Love sharing content that inspires women :)

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