Waging wars begins from a land of hate. Passion is left beyond the aftermath from a life that once could have been saved. Picking up the illusions, seeing the harsh tones of the shadows in the depleted black. Decades to witnessing the silence towards the deeply wounded, expressing the ways of finding heaven.

A world filled with separations of non-gender equality, to the bare minimum towards the right to fight for your loved ones. A man’s sexuality can be tested through lengths of hatred by the same race of the one’s who held many ancestors for the sake of their strengths that were led to a misfortune.

From every aspect to never getting the recognition from his birthplace,  imagining the days it took to bring him to this very point. Some will never experience the care they needed, combing hatred in his presence and leading him in the darkest epiphanies living through another dream.

Yet the clouded judgement filled with a six-foot hole and his everlasting regrets. Taking his life in his hands, her savior needed protection from the state of mind corrupting what she once called mine.

The love from a woman returned as a natural essence of her character. Never to second guess the anti-social requests from a family member. She was lost, from being judged day by day for living a simple truth. Or simply because she would never live a lie.

Carving the healing wounds deeper to the root of her actions, masking in the fact that there were no options. Paled faces exist in her reflection, her secluded areas turned into the shallowest of rejections. She fell in love with the animations of her features. Holding in no boundaries in-between both parts of their separation. Love came at the price of loneliness, it came with a heavy heart. But it left with nothing.

Possessing the great ways to the world of destroying another human being; to come as a result to a dimly slimmed inch holding its power, he possesses based on emotions. Curiosity drifted from the assumptions lead by a word of mouth. The power he held with jawbone structure poised beyond any other. He chose to rise from the bashful naysayers he once called family to find his light on the other side. Strength grew from the ashes where they once fell, drifting towards its next enemy, waiting for history to once repeat itself.

Holding onto the moments of their final goodbyes. Leaving you with their words, to a higher standard you couldn’t find quaint in your shallowed persona. Wrapping around each charcoaled coated aura they once lead with the voiced opinion quoting each expression; leaving them to say, “I am sorry, I am sorry that my family wasn’t accepting. I hope that you are receiving all of the love and acceptance you deserve.” Bidding to the few, “I just hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re happy and I wish nothing but the best for you.”

To show you the blank faces of how, “Anyone that I’ve lost during this journey I feel wasn’t really real with me ever. Because no matter what I am or who I am, nothing should change. Not friendship, relationship, family… nothing. I’m still the same, but if you cannot accept who I am you simply have to get out of my life and understand that I love who I am.”

Not a sight torn from the difference of one another, nor a hand to help from the struggle. A community built solely of the expressions of each other, never the likeness of their chosen genders. Lending a helping hand even if, “You’re really missing out, but that’s your fault!” To a final Topic that is never discussed.

Secluding clouds strike against the dome of your rarest of imaginary. The end is near to another’s mental health, misguiding them to the rightful path of their sanctuary.

by SheisChaos

Born between poverty and grass greener than the money folded in her back pocket. Aniliyah the girl who wants it all. Coming to the terms that words hold a meaning held in the right brain stems. Aniliyah is the established chaos we underestimate. To raise havoc against the barriers holding her against freedom of speech. Taught to be silent in the presence of her own thoughts. She writes for women none specifically but all. “Show me the ways of this women’s worth I’ll show you the ways of why you aren’t.” Women were created separately and are to be treated as such. Laundering the possibilities that are yet to come. This is one’s story in particular yet it is to be expressed by others who feel silent. Speak your truths.


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