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Probably No Sharks

I’d rather be embarrassed than curious. Put that on my gravestone. So I send the risky texts, and I say I love you first. A meteor is coming and the sea is getting hot as soup, so I may as well do what I please. May as well stay up too late and walk home from the venue while I’m this young with an apartment in the live music capital of the world. It’s something a woman can still do here, at my own risk of course.

I have corporate meetings, and a mentor. He tells me that a shark doesn’t always look like a shark. You can get the things you want with a soft tone, too. He tells me though, if you’re not growing then you’re dying and to think a little bigger. Think so?  Yeah, bigger than that too.

I remember the idea of savoring glimmers while I walk the park barefoot at night, the summer breeze floating through my deep blue shirt that I bought just for the richness of color. It looked like something the person that I want to be would wear. The wind flaps the bottoms up so you can see my skin and my skin can see you. It wants to see you. I file away in my brain that you can hold onto moments if you are intentional enough. Snapshot, deep breath, maybe you can keep this.

I dice salsa by hand and listen to a podcast, instead of the news for a little bit. I text my partner pictures of the finished product to show her how pretty I processed my rage at the world.
“I just felt like holding a knife for a while, that’s all.”

My spotify recommends meditation music, metal, and podcasts on interpreting symbols. What’s sexy and powerful to me may not be the same for you. Maybe you hate roses. Hope you still let me grow mine though. We can have salsa in the garden together, because I seem to have a lot these days.
Plenty to go around for everyone.

Everything can be approached with curiosity. You can cast aside any preconceived notions and just jump in to see what’s what. For yourself. There are probably no sharks, only warm water and sun streams on your soon to be freckled skin. I didn’t say absolutely zero sharks, but you look tough.

You can swim, right?

by Ro Delancy

Ro grew up in the desert and there is no running from that no matter how long she lives in the city.
She’s probably suntanning and thinking about plants and planets right now.

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