Protecting Our Kindness

In a world full of people with different personality types, it is almost impossible to not experience some that are negative. It can be difficult in these situations not to just want to throw our hands up and abandon, along with all hope, all the kindness that we have for each other. However, making sure we show one another respect is essential.
While it’s true that we have to stand up for ourselves and not let others bring us down, this includes not allowing those who are mean spirited take away our light. The other day I was faced with a less than kind individual. After speaking with them, I questioned why I am such a nice person sometimes when treated quite the opposite by certain people. However, I quickly realized that we cannot let those who we wish would change, change us. Allowing the individual who treated me poorly to turn me into someone just as nasty would be letting them win.
I like being a kind person. I like being respectful. I’m happy to say I have two parents who brought me up to be nice to others, while at the same time, taught me to stick up for myself. We can be strict and make sure to protect ourselves from cruelty, while still showing kindness.
Here’s something to remember. Being nice is not a weakness. I’m sure many of us can attest to the fact that being kind in some situations can take a lot of work, especially when we’re not being treated how we want to be. Again, standing up for ourselves and not allowing others to walk all over us is essential, but so is being kind to those around us and not losing ourselves to those who don’t deserve to strip us of who we are. In fact, no one deserves that power.
Next time you’re in a situation where you’re not being treated well and it makes you feel like never showing kindness again, stop. Remember that cruelty is the last thing we need in this world and that your kindness makes it better. We all need kindness in our lives.
by B.W. Ginsburg

B.W. Ginsburg has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. Ginsburg published her first book, Rest in Piece, in October 2016 and has written and published five more books since. In addition to writing fiction, she also writes about mental health and can be found blogging, watching TV, and listening to music. B.W. Ginsburg graduated college with a B.A. in Arts and Sciences. She majored in English and minored in writing.


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