I hate you, Rage.

You make me feel small, petty and ugly.

You creep into areas that used to be clean.

You snap, like a dog, at my heals,
Yipping and pissing on the carpet.

You cloud my thoughts and emotions with your bile.

I can’t control what you unleash.

I love you, Rage.
You fill me with power, mystery & passion.

You swell with injustice and misalignment.

You pulse behind my teeth,

And threaten to spew acid.

You protect me, and that coward

That cowers in the corner.

I hate you, Rage.

And I love what you can do.

I can’t disentangle myself from your hooks.

Your nuclear power overwhelms me

Like a phoenix bursting into flame.

You’re a tease and a toy,

Twisting in locks around my fingers.

I hold you close to me, like a child, like a lover.

And hope that someday my hate for you, Rage,

Might cancel you out.

Yet fearful that the child who remains

Would be orphaned and alone, without protector.

So I will whisper to you in my darkness, Rage.

Confessing, confiding and delighting in your cruelty,

Knowing that though I keep us in our cage,
I alone hold the key,

And I wait to release us.

by [email protected]

JW has always been impressed with how much courage and confidence it takes to be your authentic artistic self! I have a Masters in Music and decades of professional performance experience. Starting with the Broadway National Tour of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" which I enjoyed for nearly a decade, I'm also a professional voice over artist for Playstation, EECInternational and Achieve the Core, among others. I'm a collegiate professor who specializes in helping clients find their own artistic voice, and connect with a community of other artists to find the hero within! I've recently made my first self-published book available on Amazon entitled "The One With the Hysterectomy" and I hope you'll check it out!


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