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My dear, this rain drops fears from skies,
The bunch of clouds seems angry with world
At the forefront of silence,
Clumsily running between the sunsets,
No longer the time is captured in mind.
Those normal things we got them once
Written deep down in heart
Are facing today’s dilemmas
At the meeting with the burning wounds
Of mankind’s ambition.

This rain, my dear, cries in my hands,
Blinking the light reflection of eternity
Upon holiness insight. So far is dark outside.
I shall pray gazing at the peaks
Of an evolved planet, crushed by the dust,
For the angels to come and teach us
How peace is spelling in the heart,
With golden letters penning through
One’s faith, God’s love, and hope’s cart.

by simonaprilogan

I question, I smile, I wonder, I rhyme, I dance in the rain, I puzzle the game, yet I dare myself.


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