Reaching Fruition

Constant waiting!
It punctuates her routine in the feeling of  a life being lived less fulfilled.

Frustration has long been her response to the




Burgeoning things.

She simply needs to change.               Patience waits for her to allow progress

To take it’s time.

Purpose, in its nature, is the delicate dance of energy and flow.                               Patience simply needs her to be present.
To be surrendered to reaching fruition.

She does not need to churn a mind full of fury into one simple unending tirade,   Frustration clouds the mind, nudging hope’s fade.

‘Patience is the great catalyst. Energy is divine.’Her most realized being reminds her.                                                                 ’Your energy is derived from the power of all the women carried first in Great Foremother’s womb.

Kereen Gibson.

by KerLotus

Jamaican girl living in NYC, learning all things psychology. Lover of Anime, Manga and Christmas! I’m fiercely independent and eager to journey to my best self. I’m a mental health professional who works with college students. Perpetually pensive and pouring myself into the art of poetry!

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