Do You Really Love Yourself? Do You Really Love The One You’re With?

How can you love anyone if you don’t love yourself first? I am searching for myself and have set out on a quest to truly, whole heartedly love myself. My passions, my callings. I’m lost as hell and sometimes I don’t think I want to be found, but I recently started wondering why I thought I loved the men in my past relationships. Most recently I came to terms that I was not really in ‘love’ with them. At the time, I had love for them but in no way was I really in ‘love’ with them.

You want to be loved, so you cling to things that make you feel loved. Even crappy men! I’m sure we all have at least one, if not more ‘what the hell did I date that [insert your own word here] for’ moments. I actually cringe at the ‘boys’ (they were not men then and they still aren’t now) that I had relationships with. If someone happens to mention them….uhhh… I don’t know, name sounds familiar, don’t think I know ’em…..

Before we can ever love anyone else, not only do we have to like ourselves, we have to love ourselves. If we love ourselves, we will never ever settle for anything or anyone that doesn’t really deserve us. Now ask yourself this…Do you really love yourself? Do you really love the one you’re with?


Author: Jennifer Eileen
Email: jen.e.norris210@gmail.com
Author Bio: Jennifer Eileen is a soul searching, wellness warrior. She has navigated away from Human Resources Management to help others realize that ‘healing begins within’. Life is tough, but so are you. Never ever give up.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/internally_well/


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