Relationships – How to Turn Friendship into Love

Starting a relationship is not as easy as many people think. Do you ever wonder why people are single? Some might not have experienced how a serious relationship feels. Some might have been friends with potential lovers, but they failed to convert the friendship into love. How sad indeed.

According to experts in relationships, turning friendship into love is better because you already understand the other person. In most cases, such relationships last a long time and many end in marriage.

So, how can a person convert friendship into love? Here are some tips:

Make a Decision

You cannot just convert any friend into a lover. You have to assess yourself and understand whether this is what you really want. You probably have many friendships, but only one should be converted into love. As you assess your feelings, pick the person who makes you feel complete when you are with them. Making the wrong decision at this point may cost you. You cannot keep trying all of your friends, so make the right decision.

Hint at Your Friend

Start preparing your friend that you are interested in escalating the friendship into love. It is also the best chance to weigh whether they are interested in you or not. Hints that are too obvious and too numerous might put off the other person either because they are scared or confused about everything that is happening. Take one step at a time, but again, you should not be too slow in making the advancements.

Flirt with Your Friend

Flirting is a big sign that you are interested in someone. As you do this, you should be looking at their responses to see if they are enjoying it. Some of your friends may not enjoy the flirting, especially if they are already seeing someone else that they met on the Happymatches website. In this case, you should stop flirting or making further advancements. Although it is disappointing, a relationship cannot be forced.

Make Them Happy

In a relationship, people are always looking for partners who will make them happy. Thus, one of your strategies to convert friendship into love is by bringing happiness, laughter, and comfort into their lives. Apart from comforting them when they have a problem, crack jokes to spice up your meeting with fun activities. Surprise them with a comedy evening out, especially when they are stressed. This way, they will start falling for you even before you can make any advancements.

Be Financially Independent and Responsible

Although true friends should help each even financially, you will be in for a disappointment if you are trying to start a relationship when you are broke. Well, it might work because love is not all about money, but there will be many challenges facing your relationship. Thus, a person should work hard to remain financially stable, especially at this early stage of starting love. This is the mere truth.

As you can see, converting friendship into love is easy when you have the right tips. By now, you have enough to initiate the process if you have someone in mind. All the best.



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