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Reminder and Release

We won’t cling — not to things, not to people. We won’t chase time, or try to hoard it. We won’t try to reverse days or slow the turning of the earth. We won’t live in anxiety about aging, arguing against mortality, or trying to game it. We will take each moment as it comes, you and I, and when it is time to give the gift of life back to the universe, we will say thank you, and we will give it back. But never, ever, ever — not on this side of the divide or the next — will we stop loving. Elizabeth Gilbert 

Who told you that where you are now is where you will always be?

Who gave you the idea that this feeling will remain as a companion for life?

Who told you that you failed? that you were not chosen?

Who told you that you had no right to ask for what you wanted, that you had no business being there in the first place?

Who told you that you did it wrong?

Who told you that there was a formula for life especially when you did the mediating, the chanting, the praying, the paying your taxes?


You get to choose.

You get to decide.

You get to stay.

You get to go.

There is no “Who” to tell you – take your time sweet one and breathe that in.

You are the Who.

You are the power

You are the love

You are the chosen

You are the peace

You are the formula.

It’s You!

So my love, Now what?

Walk good in this reminder.

by Akosua Dardaine Edwards

Akosua Dardaine Edwards has won awards for Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Female Social Entrepreneur of the Year from the Global Innovation Partners and The Merikin Award for Distinguished Leadership in Women's Affairs. She was named as one of the 2019 Women’s Economic Ambassadors by Diversity RD Global.

Akosua is the founder of the NiNa Young Women’s Leadership Programme(NiNa). The NiNa Young Women’s Leadership Programme (Nina) provides support and tools to build self-value in young women who are transitioning out of the state care system and into the world. NiNa is also in secondary schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago using entrepreneurial tools as an empowerment vehicle for young ladies transitioning into University and Entrepreneurship.

Akosua has written and published four books. Her latest “Now What? The Flipside” published in March 2021


Watch her TED Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH1K7nRGrYc

Being on the ground in communities to see "first-hand the impact of the beauty of the human spirit" is what drove her to begin working in rural communities and developing countries. With great joy, she looks forward to learning from each experience and connecting with those she meets during her travels.


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