I was never a fan of repetition
Repeating myself
Repeating my words
Repeating mistakes
“You won’t ever find the same person twice,
not even in the same person,” said Darwish
I tend to be followed by repetition
It haunts me
I live in a perpetual loop
Like speeding rounds in races with no target
I repeat
We restart
We re-end
We end
I end
The end.

by DilaraA

Dilara Akhudnova was born on December 23, 2003, during the year of the Water Goat, under the constellation of Capricorn. Consequently, she exhibits a pronounced trait of determination and diligence in her pursuit of beauty. She endeavors to articulate her aspirations through prose, encapsulated by the following sentiment: “It is important to live free of unnecessary concerns, and find who we truly are at soul. Fall in love with life on an unfathomably profound level, open your eyelids at dawn with a euphoric feeling in your chest making your heart dance to the rhythm of its beat, sing at the top of your lungs, read literature, make music, draft poems in hope of one day making that your life. Nothing on this earth limits us from living life like starring in a fabulous movie, and I am designated to make my life a memorable piece of art.”

Despite the inherently optimistic nature of her soul, Dilara's poetry is characterized by a melancholic genre, often employing numerous allegories.

Dilara’s writing style is deeply emotional, emphatic, sophisticated, and complex; in places it is flowery, but at other times it can be abrupt and concise. However, whatever poetic means she chooses to explore the poetry she has created is poignantly beautiful, vivid, heart-breaking, and utterly mesmerizing. The melancholic tones and emotional outpour in her poems leave the reader with a strong feeling of nostalgia. It leaves the reader wanting more, longing for more of Dilara’s poetry.
Dilara paints with words. Her poetry is a piece of art, a painting drawn with words on a canvas of love, hope, and palpable emotions.