Resting Lady

You want to call me crazy and lazy,

But I know how I am as a lady.

You want to call me crazy and lazy,

But I am simply resting.

Resting which is necessary

What is not is your commentary.

Resting is essential and should be used as cautionary.

I want to live a long life before I end up in the cemetery.

You want to call me lazy but I’m resting which is necessary.

If I don’t get rest I might be not as extraordinary!

Listen when I say,resting is not being lazy,resting is extremely necessary.

I am simply resting,not crazy or lazy but as always, still a lady!

by Anna Cambridge

Hello to everyone and to everyone a big,warm welcome to my profile.It is with a great pleasure that I am sharing with you a piece of my heart. I am so grateful that Harness Magazine created this platform for us to connect and as an avenue to enhance our gifts. I truly hope that one, some,or all of my words can help inspire you in some way in your life. I hope that my words can help you feel like you are not alone. I hope that I can help you reclaim and reignite the love and beauty that is you! I am excited to start a new phase of life with the Harness family!<3