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Self Sufficient Women

A woman needs to be independent in this world. A woman needs to take good care of themselves first. A woman needs to know their likes and dislikes, strengths and talents as well as weakness.

A woman needs to know what goals they want to have in their life. A woman needs to know that they are more than a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter.

A woman needs to recognize their worth. A woman needs to know that they are capable of anything they put their hearts into. A woman needs to be able to be independent- in every aspect especially financially. Everyone and anyone can let you down at any point, but only you will always be there for yourself.

If you were in a community that didn’t emphasize on the independence of women, it will be tough to start fresh when you need or want to. It is possible to start fresh but it will be harder for you to break that shell. Hopefully, more individuals accept that it’s okay for women to be independent, and it’s extremely important for one to be self-sufficient.

To those women reading this, I hope you soar high like all your unfulfilled needs, dreams, and goals left open in the sky. You are more valuable than you think yourself to be. You are 100% more worthy than what others speak about you. Start and chase the life you want, queen!

by Thiviya

Thiviya. A is a writer and poet from Singapore. She first discovered her passion for writing when she started using writing as her coping mechanism when faced with challenges in life. Writing has helped her to process her thoughts and encourage herself. She created @wingsofwords_poetry on Instagram in June 2021 to create a positive and safe space for the community. She believes that as long as she helps an individual, her goal in poetry writing is fulfilled. Through the years, she took part in many anthologies and competitions. She also wrote her first poetry collection, titled 'The Survivor Spirit' which discusses about healing and hope amidst the struggles one faces in life. Outside of poetry and writing, Thiviya is just an ordinary woman who goes through the motions of studies. She is currently a graduate in Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work) and can't wait to continue on with her journey in education and life.

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