SimplyourTruth? Manipulation – Bully – Fear – Ignorance

Is it funny how many will use the information they presume to know about you even it is false or spreaded through rumors.

A trend that gets tossed around like a ball in this world we live in People gravitate to these silly trends so easily now.

“Everyone has the right to ”   Now let’s put a pin in that for a moment. Have you ever wondered who really runs the world?  Manipulation, Bullying, Ignorance, Fear, Greed.

Man, Woman Boy girl LBTQ Community live in this world created from love each person adds something to this world each are unique are a family.  Anything you choose to say or look or speak or act will be judged by society.  Manipulation from trends cults, gangs, to believing what your parents or guardian taught you. To being hustled or played or scammed threaten, watched. Instead of making your own decision try to experience living in another person shoes for one day. Technology mail ads commercials billboards magazines social media phone calls internet emails movies people question? who action ally run this world.  Many forms of bullying, have you reviewed the changes that have occurred. Lively hood is in question. How can this world be a peaceful place with all this being polluted into society. People face so much every day to survive and now this.  Slowly being manipulated into artificials.

Ignorance to the ideal of losing something afraid of your life changing afterthought believing rumors and false narratives. allowing hate to creep into your mind.  Red is the color of blood too many who share this, a heart is pumping in representation of love. Remember you are created to live your individual life the essential part of a human being.  History shows every race had a part in creating this world despite some trying to destroy this it happened.

Man made suffering and greed has been around for centuries. Greed & Fear is the cause of the new rules and less information to read, increase in crime layoffs and currency being withheld. The way of living a life which a person can maintain is in question what will happen to this world? A cycle of destruction and power plays and yet are we just chess pieces.  Finally embrace your family friends those in your circle love on them and treasure the memories hold tightly to the peace you have in this very moment.  For I am standing in hopes of living in unity fairness and love a future for each individual. yet we all may rise to a higher level of understanding believe in or not.


by Lmarch


Good day to You!

Introducing a woman who grew up in a world of love turmoil, pain and strength and lots of survival. I experienced a lot of love from my dad grandparent's aunt and brothers. At early age I was surrounded by structure and learned the meaning of hard work and having determination to continue and go after what I wanted or needed in life. Being a military sprout traveling and having a family of support. I drove my brothers crazy by being one of them instead of a rambunctious girl to playing sports climbing trees and until my late teens I became aware of girl stuff like cooking cleaning fashion beauty and giving lots of compassion and creativity love and a true understanding of children people and the world. My heart beats for a journey of true existence for every individual. Water, DIY projects and animals' exploration and history or just some of my loves.

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