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Oh, how these fires catch the remnants of my life!

The night sky sparkled with their bright stars.

The earth has soaked up my troubles.

The tears that spilled and watered the brittle brown grass underneath my feet.

I know not where my journey ends

or when my soul will decide to metamorphosis into something beautiful?

I walk these terrains alone

with my arms wrapped around my parched body.

My mind travels infinitely down this rabbit role

as I gaze off into the mountains sitting by this blazing fire

which has become my captivated audience.

How can something be so beautiful be so destructive?

Is this what I have become?

The bodies that have taken my spirit:

Hidden my inner voice under ruble where it feels every day is a war

My body marred with the scars of those filthy hands

My spirit forever lost to the embers of these fires that flicker up to the sky.

Is this all it can be?

Where is my God when I need Him?

Where is that infinite hope that He brings with him?

That beautiful peaceful mercy that He rains down and cleanses our souls with?

Is the message hidden within me?

Open that door and walk with my shoulders braced back

My head held high and say, “I am not what you have made me!”

I am my own liberator!

I will unshackle these chains you have put around my ankles.


Author: Noor Pinna
Author Bio: Noor Pinna is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NY.  She is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Mount Saint Mary College in NY.  She is a self-care promotor, cultural diversity speaker and a tele-therapist. During her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, hiking, and doing watercolors.
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I am licensed Mental Health Counselor who provides teletherapy as well as face-to-face therapy. I teach at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. I am a mental health advocate who likes to break down the cultural barriers and taboo within psychology and in society.

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