Soul Drawn To You.

The ocean pulls you in. Your pool of water courses through my skin.

Quiet moments flicker your eyes my way. Louder unexpected moments make me want you to stay.

I sit by these golden waters at the thought of you.


A string of gold. A beacon of hope.

Distance’s longing. Woodwork in passing.

I cross these busy streets at the thought of you.


Warm glow of burning embers. Cold beds in lonely winters.

My name resting on the tip of your tongue. My fingers memorising the outline of your face in the dark.

I am putting up Christmas lights at the thought of you.


Time promises us forever. Time forces us apart.

Indecisive, my heart that loves you. In pieces, my heart that leaves you.

I watch this season pass at the thought of you.


A dark night’s calling. A simple favour returning.

Reminiscing lost weekends. Cursing the green lights at our end.

I drive through this ghost town at the thought of you.


Champagne seas. Christmas trees.

Autumn flannels. Aurora Borealis.

New York City. Nights in Paris.

My every beautiful experience connected with you.

Simply, my soul always drawn to you.


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