Surfer Boy

I have intimacy issues; I am sure of that. I am laying next to my tinder date in my queen bed, another different stranger. I have intimacy issues now; it seems like he does too, maybe even more than me. It’s cold in my room, lying next to him in the dark. His side of the bed seems warmer, despite being closer to the window. He retains heat, and I trap the cold, I think. He has freckles draped over his shoulders; a few sprinkled across his face. Not too many freckles, though, where they cover his cheeks entirely. He is deeply sleeping as I think about how I am a stranger lying next to him too. He has curly thick brown hair and blue eyes, I guess. His eyes are closed, making it hard to see or remember. Alexa is playing the ocean waves in the background, my blue light reflecting against the walls. He smells like sea salt and sunscreen. The boy reminds me of the prince from Ella Enchanted; he even has the wit and charm to match it. He doesn’t want to cuddle, which is new for me, maybe even refreshing. He needs his space from the stranger, and so do I. But this is new to me, and it’s starting to become winter. Do I want to cuddle or have sex? Am I cold or just lonely and sad? Or do I maybe want to touch him just because he’s not touching me back? This feeling is a first for me; it usually is. Luckily, the cig and weed do the trick, and I can fall asleep next to him.

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