Sweet Surprise: The Best Foods to Use During Sex

People bring all sorts of things into the bedroom to enhance their sex life and sexual experience. Toys, massage oils, lingerie, and other people, just to name a few. Another popular addition to a hot and steamy sex session is food. Think the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues or any other classic movie where lovers feed one another grapes or strawberries. There’s something extremely intimate and sensual about food and sex

That’s not to say you should bring a pizza or a five-course meal to bed. Here we’ll explore the best foods to incorporate during sex and how to use them to your advantage. These are tips that you can use with your long-time partner or just someone fun you found using one of the popular and useful hookup apps that a lot of people have had success with.

Grab your appetite for desire and let’s get into it!


Strawberries are a classic bedroom choice. They’re sweet, they’re juicy, and they’re fun to eat. You can hold one up and watch your partner extend their mouth and use their tongue to pull the delicious fruit to their lips.

Cover them in chocolate and they’re even sexier somehow! Not to mention, strawberries are red — a color long associated with sexual desire. Just remember to keep a bowl or container nearby to ditch the stems.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is thick, sweet, and easy to apply and fun to lick off! The best part about whipped cream is that it’s thick enough to stay where you put it. Spray some on your partner’s nipples, tummy, or nether regions before eating your way to the good stuff! Just make sure you work fast and keep the room at a cool temperature. After about 30-minutes, the cream could start melting and create a real sticky situation (literally).


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Combine two of people’s favorite things — chocolate and sex — and you’re in for a guaranteed good time. There’s also something very sexy about chocolate, which is why it’s a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. Another bonus? Dark chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. Choose your favorite form from kisses or chips for easy, bite-size fun to syrup for a slightly messier adventure.


We’ve all seen a banana used at least once to mimic the male anatomy. Whether it was in healthy class as your teacher showed you how to put on a condom or an erotic photo of a woman eating a banana as they discussed oral sex. Bananas are long, thick, and sweet, just like your man! 


Aside from the notorious “pop your cherry” catchphrase, cherries are another sexy, fun to eat fruit that brings a playfulness to the bedroom. Similar to strawberries, you can feed them to your partner and then show off your skills by using your tongue to tie the stem into a knot. If your partner has a talented and strong mouth muscle, it’s only a matter of time before you pounce on them and put their skills to work on your body. 


Just like bananas, cucumbers resemble the penis and that just makes them sexy! The exterior of a cucumber is also bumpy and bulbous, giving it texture. In fact, some women actually use cucumbers to masturbate thanks to how long and thick they are. But before you shove anything into your body, consider other ways to use foods during sex. Why not recreate a spa or massage room by slicing the cucumber and placing it on your partner’s eyes? It’s a delicious and healthy way to blindfold them for the fun that lay ahead. 

Ice Cream

If different temperatures and textures of food turn you on, you’ll love the next item on the list (you also might be into sploshing, learn more about it here). There’s something hot about using cold ice cream during sex. It heightens your senses and electrifies your skin upon contact. Stick with traditional, plain flavors without any add-ins like nuts, which could get uncomfortable once things heat up and the ice cream starts to melt.


It’s common knowledge that oysters are a strong aphrodisiac, but who knew that shellfish in the bedroom was actually sexy? Anything that requires you to lay back, open your mouth, and let your partner slide the food in is kind of hot and maybe even a little romantic. Some people prefer to eat oysters, shrimp, and other seafood treats BEFORE having sex to feel the effects but feeding them to your partner naked before things get started is another sexy option.


If you’re not afraid to get down and dirty (literally), you can bring some more adventurous foods into the bedroom, like honey. Yes, it’s sticky. Yes, it’s sweet.

And yes, it’s thick. Which is why it’s the perfect food for sex. Just be sure to lay down some protection so you don’t destroy your sheets! It’ll also make clean-up easier. Try covering each other in honey, lick and suck it off and then take things to the shower to get clean and dirty at the same time. Three cheers for shower sex!

Melted Cheese

Did someone say fondue? Melted cheese is slippery and delicious. Choose your partner’s favorite types, blindfold them, and do a taste test. Pour a little on your favorite body parts and have your partner lick it off. Keep going until they guess right, then switch roles. Just be sure to let the cheese cool off before you start putting it on your bare skin. 

Food and Sex: Two of Life’s Greatest Joys

The only thing people seem to love more than food is sex! So, why not combine these two great loves to create one satisfying experience? Bringing food into the bedroom is a playful way to spice things up.

Feeding each other over dinner is hot, but feeding each other naked, in bed, is even hotter! So get ready to remove all your clothes, whip out some tasty treats, and get down to business!

by Harness Editor

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