Murphy’s Law states, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” My life as of late has been a living example of Murphy’s Law. Ever feel like that? This article could be of use to you. I’ll start with saying that I’m lucky. I’m genuinely lucky because I’ve had grandparents and parents who have pushed me (although kicking and screaming at times) to get a college education. They pushed me to work when I turned 16 and pushed me to “never quit” and “stick the team out until the end of the season”. They even pushed me to shoot for my dreams of pursuing the production industry even though I know they winced at the thought of “freelance”. Aside from all that luck, education and pushing from loved ones, I’m still finding myself stuck in Murphy’s Law. I’m so stuck that I’ve been without a steady j...


Lin & Lou discuss the difficulties of running a business, their inspiration and the meaning of “wild heart.” Meet the founders of Wild Hearts Co., – a self-proclaimed place for the dream chasers, magic makers and action takers – Lindsey Eryn Clark and Lauren Palomares (also known as Lin and Lou). Wild Hearts builds sisterhoods and supplies women with the tools to achieve their dreams. It provides “Wknds,” a weekend getaway for entrepreneurs, and “Conferences,” a two-day event including panelists, speakers and women from all over the world. The company began as Coast to Coast Central, a way for Lin and Lou to stay in touch, revamp their closets and post it on Instagram. #CoastToCoastChallenge spread globally – and the two women partnered with Go International and hoste...


Teenear discusses the biggest risk she’s taken, why she wants to be a good role model to young girls and positivity.  Women from all different walks of life contribute to Harness Magazine. On rare occasions, we come across women who are pursuing a dream that is quite extraordinary. Take Teenear, for instance: a young urban pop singer from Miami. When she was 15-years-old, her parents encouraged her to upload her cover of “Stay” by Rihanna to YouTube. Soon after, she signed on to Slip-n-Slide Records (the label worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Trina and Plies) and released singles with accompanying music videos. One of them, “Friday Night,” even featured Sage the Gemini. The song, an empowered anthem (peep the lyric: “Tonight I’m doin’ me”)  is about a girl who doesn’t need a man o...


Millions of dreams in her eyes Vanish like a whirlwind romance Clinging onto the hopes Feels like being attached on a string That’s so loosely bound it’s meant to break Her heart which used to make the sounds of thunder and elephants thumping Quieten to the extent where it can barely be heard The aspirations which ignited her passions Were long forgotten when life took its toll And reality surfaced Now there she sits Quiet and polite With a mind so blank and eyes out of shine Doing what people find fit Carrying the bland mundane life Although there are nights Nights when she gets up and thinks What if What if she chose herself The ‘ what if’s ‘ which can never be lived   Author: Archita T. Email: lifeasarchi@gmai...


A Dreamer Like Me who believes… Dreams are made up of Soft Feathers, White clouds, Blue Sky and Lots of Love, They Make Us Fly with the Wings of Hope & Desire, There is also a Hope of a Fairy Tale! A Dreamer Like Me who believes… Love is all we need, Love wins over Everything, Serve and Be Served Love! A Dreamer Like Me who lives in The Land of Dreams, A Dreamer, Like Me. Author: Anisha K. Chhetri Author Bio: *From Virginia. *Native American, Nepalese. *Freelance Photographer, Music Video Director, Editor, Script Writer. *Love Movies, Books, Music. Foodie. *Art Lover (Any Form of Art). Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/anishachh/?hl=en

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