She burned through you like an incense,   Slow.   Until there was nothing left at all.   The wooden stick was all you had left,   But you threw it away.  I will search everywhere for the remains,   and I’ll keep it close.   I will soak it in oil and light aflame,   so your love won’t have to feel the pain   of burning out again.     Author: Hannah Grimes  Author Bio: I’m Hannah from Saint Louis, Missouri. Writing is new to me, but I use it to express what I feel gets stuck on the inside.  Link to social media: Instagram @hannah.svrsn


TEARS   Warm salty wet sorrow  Drips down  Down down  Catch it before it falls  Falls falls  False words  False feelings  Feeling false  Words false  Gone  Gone…    Broken Skin  I have endured many skewers to the heart  Violent words  Fist to skin  Kisses to another  Contempt   And felt I deserved it  For some wrongs I must have caused.  Beautiful words   Holding hands  Looking into each other eyes  Interest  And I wonder when it will end.    I start to see myself in his eyes  The bad  The good  And it’s easier to see the bad…  The broken heart can endure more pain  But the healed heart crumples deeper.  And then I feel numb.  I will not let the walls fall again  Let myself think love exists.    To you  When your hard words hit me  I feel the sting – as intended –   I kep...


Too many times I thought  if he loves me  everything will be ok.   If he stays the ache  will unwrap itself   from my ribs and find  somewhere else to call home.  I told myself   I was not depressed  I was just unloved.  I searched for this love  inside their mouths,   between their teeth,   under their tongues,  between their legs…  In the attempt   to be made whole  they drank all there was,   no glass half empty,   only empty.    I was running,  with scissors,  from the only one  who could complete me  and that was me.       Author: Raquel Franco  Email:  Author Bio: Raquel Franco is a wife, mother, friend, sister and daughter. A woman with the intention to connect and share her experiences, she dares women to be brave, to find confidence and carry ...


I was twelve when I first remember not believing in love.  It’s not that I didn’t believe in love in the same way kids stop believing in Santa Claus, or how some people don’t believe in God. I knew love existed, I just didn’t believe it was worth the effort. I didn’t have enough faith in love to be confident enough to pursue it.  When I was ten, I had come home from my fifth-grade Christmas concert to hear the word “divorce” spoken to me in a way that was no longer distant—it was personal. And the weight of it felt too adult for my ten-year-old self to bear.  It took two years of watching things unfold for me to truly understand what “divorce” meant. It meant seeing my parents hurt behind closed doors and wearing smiles that were full of anything but happiness. It took two years to see the...


I want to be unexplored But you invaded my grounds Destroying what you could Chiseling away at every piece Taking what you want   When you packed up & left You took what you found Leaving nothing but dust From the grounds you explored       Author: Hannah Krebbs Email: Author Bio: My name is Hannah Krebbs, I am a senior at Northwest High School. For my creative writing class, we are required to submit some of our work to be published, and I have chosen Harness Magazine.


He was 32. I was 20. You’d think that with me being so young, he might have taken pity on me, but I guess some men are just hardwired to not give a sh*t. I waited a year and a half to confront the girlfriend-of-five-years through an emotional and heartfelt message on Facebook. I prepared myself for the fallout, and I knew I deserved every single thing that she spewed at me: how she told me I took part in ruining a relationship, how I should have told her sooner, and how I’m a terrible person for not doing so. I told her I understood, and that I couldn’t express how sorry I was. She ended it by telling me to (essentially) f**k off. I deserved it. I’m not in the business of making myself out to be the victim. I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care that he never uttered her...


As he journeyed into me, I found my soul unprotected through the window he opened just by staring into my eyes. There I realized that I’d already lost this battle before it ever started. The pureness in his eyes left me motionless, breathless, shining a light in the darkest corners of my life that I kept secret. I’d been driven so far into the dark by my past and a stranger, in a matter of seconds, rescued me. The only thing he ever said was, “Hello.” My heart drowned in deep repentance, I flatlined. Before I could come to, he was already gone.     Author: Moneeke Byrd Email: Author Bio: My name is Moneeke Byrd and I am a United States Air Force Veteran. I developed a passion for writing at an early age, and I’m excited to use ...


it’s 3AM.  my head is thick and sweet with liquor  there’s a skyline before me,  grass below me  and you  right beside me.  we’ve laid here all night  speaking to the stars  well, actually, to each other  in the center  of the  city  we love.  there’s just inches between  our outstretched hands  but miles between  our uncertain hearts.  friends –  we’ve always been friends  but i don’t have  many friends  who look at me  the way you are  right now  like you’re seeing me  for the first time  like you’re looking  for constellations  in the freckles on my skin  like the stars above us  aren’t even there.     Author: Bridget Cook  Email:  Author Bio: My name is Bridget Cook. I’m an ambivert, loyal friend/sister/daughter, creator and much more. I enjoy p...


A hint of sun, where the window shades meet  I hear you roll over and wrestle the sheets  Your hands find my body, warm from sleep  All that I know is you’re going to leave    You linger briefly, before you get up  I will you there longer, without any luck  You go brush your teeth and slip on your jeans  The next thing I hear is the coffee machine    An eternity later, you lean over the bed  And finally brush your lips against my head  You try not to wake me, you do try your best  While I am amused you think I’m still getting rest     Author: Hannah Reed  Email:  Author Bio: Lover of live music, rain, and handwritten notes. Currently in Arizona, but can’t seem to stay in one place for long.  Link to social media: Instagram @hannahreed


Sol Dilated eyes Lashes rays Pierced Enlightenment Silent in rest, movement colliding in dreams hold me crystalized Luna smooth your scars Estrella Flames put out by tears Love over Fear Beautiful is spoken, felt, touched by the Soul You are the guide Mariposas High flight, Poured cups, The voices of the angels subside I open my eyes, your hands in mine You have Become Warrior of light Unity Corazon Purity of the soul Azul I feel your heart opening Vibrating in waves Abrazame Metatron, Michael, Gabriel Permit me Light, dark You and I Amor Amar Let two become One, Let yours become Us     Author: Jaskiran Singh Email: Author Bio: I am inspired to write, I am a co-creator in this universe, and have been called to this expression. Link to social media: Inst...


Let it happen.  Let her rip open  your ribs and sternum.   Pour the whiskey down   her throat.   She can take  the hits.  Withstand   the pummel.   This muscle   will not  fail you.  It will sober  and continue.  Beat and pump  blood through your veins.  You are purpose.  Purpose that  will break  and heal  and find  love again.  Your heart.  Your heart  will fight for you.     Author: Raquel Franco Link to social media: Twitter @wordsbyraquel | Instagram @raquelfranco.poet


Her love is permanent.  Unmovable  Unstoppable.  Her love is unconditional  Unchangeable   Unique.     She loves Him with a fervor  That is unmatched   By any other love around.  She speaks to Him in soft whispers  Declaring her undying love for Him.    Her love is undeniable  Strong  Secure.  Her love is persistent   Seeking Him  Every day.    Her love is Him.  Her strong tower  Her light in a world of darkness.  Her security   In an un-secure world.   Author: Anita Smith Email: Author Bio: Writer. Editor. Wife. Mother. Lover of Jesus and God. My passion for words began at an early age. I spent hours writing in my diary, thinking of poems and stories to draft. I majored in English in undergrad and grad school and taught on both the high school and universit...

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