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Tell the Darkness I Did Not Die

Everyday I walk upon this earth

It feels like I’m walking on broken glass

In reality it’s just My trust for strangers and loved ones shattered all over the floor

And as you watch me walk and bleed after countless immense heartbreaks, some of which many people I’ve cared for have caused

I want you to look darkness in the eye for me

And tell it

I did not die

I look into the mirror

And I closely watch my reflection

I watch the woman on the other side

Shes Strong bruised and scared

From all the wars of trauma she fought

As I Look into her glassy eyes filled with tears

From being so goddamn tired

I reach into the mirror

whisper into the darknesses ear

and tell it

I did not die

when I’m buried six feet under

The weights of depression that lie on top of my chest

I push up into the light cough up negativity and inhale positivity I look up into the sky and yell to the universe

Tell the darkness I did not die

Even as hope for humanity

Has been constantly drained from my body

After being chained to my bed countless of times

Getting closer and closer to god taking me away

Even then I want you to tell the darkness

I did not die

Even when my mental state slowly drifts away as I suffer from constant grief for those I lost

I still manage to put my sanity back together

And think to myself

I want the darkness to know

I did not die

Never underestimate my strength

Never underestimate what I’m capable of

Because I’ve fought my different demons

Climbed out of many different hells

And still

I did not

And will not

Ever die at the hands of darkness

Even on days it strangles me harder than most

I still look darkness in the eye and tell it

I did not die

I’m a warrior inside and out

Nothing beats the sunflower and the light

That will grow inside of me

by Maya Washington

Hello! My Name is Maya. I live in the city of Chicago and my favorite things to do are listen to music, read, and write poetry. I play softball and I love to take long walks with my dog in the park. I am currently in college studying to become a Journalist. I love adventures and traveling, learning about different cultures, and seeing new places. I am also a big fan of art. I don't paint or draw but I love to look at new or old art pieces. My favorite place to go is the Chicago Art Institute.

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