That Kind of Girl

She’s the kind of girl who is always fighting.

Fighting so hard with every weight of the world on her shoulders,

she sits in the dark, silently hoping for the day she will finally have enough strength

to stand on her own and walk away –

and lay down all those burdens that have kept her hidden underneath anxiety and fear.

She’s the kind of girl who is so kind and loving to all those around her,

never expecting anyone to repay her

but always hoping that someday someone will love her

so easily in the same way she fiercely loves others.

She’s the kind of girl who admires every color and hue in the brightest sunsets

and falls in love with the softest pastels of the wildflowers.

She sits among the flowers, with the warmth of the sun glowing on her skin.

She feels at peace there because that is where she is free.

She’s the kind of girl that is overwhelmed by every type of feeling,

until her heart is heavy and her mind in spiraling.

She feels so deeply every hurt of those around her

and every so often, she feels her own until it paralyzes her.

So she heals in the only way she knows how –

with a pen and her favorite journal.

She’s the kind of girl with every hope and dream –

That one day she’ll give light and hope to those who need it most,

that her books will be published,

that she will find healing

and help others heal too,

because she too knows what it feels like to be voiceless, lost and hurt.

She’s the kind of girl that always finds the light.

Even in the darkest nights, she keeps hoping –

because she’s the kind of girl that is always fighting.

by Esther Gonzales

I am a New Jersey based poet who aspires to share my story through poetry and prose focused on faith and my journey with depression. I have overcome many obstacles and I believe everyone has a story to tell, even if they haven't found the words yet. I hope my words can inspire others to believe in their purpose and to find strength to climb the next mountain.

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