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The Blue Room

There is a place somewhere

in the desert called

the blue room

you will only find it

if you wander

far enough


with no water

because the more you


the easier it will be to see

the blue room

and when you finally


inside the blue room

you will feel

the rain

bursting forth from the


clouds above

drenching the floor

the sofa

and the lovely lady that

you have been


and crying over for

a while now

and when you both


drying off

you can cuddle and

gaze at the


flora on the mountain through

the window

in the blue room

until the daydream ends and

the blue room


along with the sofa

the beautiful scenery

and the lady that you have always

prayed for

and now you are back in

the desert

and you have to figure out a way

to escape

this cruel environment that you

have managed

to get yourself into.

by Gabild

The first time I wrote a poem, I cried because I had no words to say. Now I write poetry because I have no words to say when I cry.

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