Poetry & Art

The Forest of My Soul

The Earth never tells me that I am “too heavy”
The sky never tells me that I am “too much” as I wander around the depths of my heart
where the wild things are.

I sit
just be
and explore this forest of my soul
and I keep doing that- which makes it full,
and that which keeps it whole.

by Kylah Dias

Kylah is a Writer, Poet, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and certified Reiki Practitioner, hailing from Pasadena, Texas, just 20 minutes Southeast of Houston.
Growing up, she spent a lot of time in activities such as sports, karate, and orchestra playing the cello.
Kylah has a monthly newsletter where she connects and fosters the development her community around her, featuring local artist's work while discussing wholesome topics around humanity and its ever-evolving adventures + challenges.


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