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The Keys To Finding A Strong Life Purpose

‘Finding meaning in life’ almost seems like the stuff of novels, yet countless studies have found that doing so fosters a happier, healthier life. One 2019 study by University of Pennsylvania researchers, for instance, found that people who have a strong sense of life purpose are more likely to make healthy choices with respect to food, exercise and the like. This is the case because they experience less conflict at the decision-making stage, and are able to take advantage of positive messages when they receive them. If you haven’t found your life purpose yet, know that it is never too late. What are the key steps to take, and why is the journey more important than the destination?

Striving To Find Purpose Is What Matters

In 2014, a study by researcher Patrick Hill of Carleton University in Indiana found that seeking a life purpose can add years to your life, regardless of whether you actually find it. It is food for thought for perfectionists who feel that if they haven’t found their passion by the time they are in their 20s or 30s, they might as well give up. In the study, researchers studied data from over 6,000 participants. They found that having a feeling that one is not wandering aimlessly through life, but rather aiming to find their place in the world, was linked to a lower mortality risk in young, middle-aged, and older participants alike.

Approaching Purpose Hunting Strategically

Purpose doesn’t knock at your door; much like an educational qualification, it is something that has to be pursued and worked at consistently. If you’re planning life purpose hunting, start with the simple question, “What should I do with my life?” Keep a diary (digital or otherwise) – one in which you set and tick off goals as they are achieved. If you don’t have one specific purpose in mind, you can list more than one. It is important to keep your list short, realistic, and attainable within a specific time period. You will also need to periodically check your results, reassess them, and forge ahead. Main goals should be divided into various smaller goals with time limits so you feel like you are getting somewhere – be it in starting a business, finding a life partner, or achieving fitness goals.

Opting For Wellness Coaching

If you feel indecisive about where you wish to head in life, a life or wellness coach may be a kickstart to a clearer future. While life coaching focuses more on helping clients identify goals and mental obstacles to success, wellness coaching is centered on quality of life, mood, and perceived stress. Research by Mayo Clinic academics indicates that wellness coaching can be of great aid when it comes to improving quality of life, mood and stress. If all these are going well for you and you simply need a push with a business idea or career change, life coaching may be more ideal.

Having a purpose in life has been found in numerous studies to promote better physical and mental health. Finding one’s purpose does not come automatically to most, so know that by setting specific goals and time limits, you can get a little further on your chosen path. Know that even if you don’t succeed, simply trying will already wield powerful benefits – including a longer life.

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