The Lone Bird and Flying Solo

It seems like all the women around me are getting married or having children….I am not…I am still single. I have never dated anyone ever long-term. And it could be heartbreaking. But after hearing music and media that portray loving, romantic relationships between people as two birds flying together, I felt inspired by the lone bird sitting on the fence that I saw one day. I realized how poised, calm, confident, peaceful, and untroubled the lone bird was. “Aha!” I thought. “I don’t have to be a bird flying with another bird; I can fly solo, and I can fly solo beautifully and confidently like a badass woman does”, I further thought. I looked everywhere around me for the lone bird, and I wrote this poem. I still have moments where I feel unhappy being single, and I still have hope that maybe I will meet the right guy one day; but carrying around this poem about the lone bird boosts my self-image when I am around so many partners in crime while I am on my own.


The lone bird flies high through the spring trees.
The lone bird sits still on the ground.
The lone bird sails gracefully on the yellow driving sign.
The lone bird rests on a walking sign.
The lone bird launches and lands onto a brown tree branch.
The lone bird flutters with the wind amongst the green leaves.
The lone bird rises high in the sky.
The lone bird perches on the electric wire.
The lone bird glides with the wind.
The lone bird flaps his wings just above the ground.
The lone bird stands on a fence.
The lone bird finds her support on the power line.
The lone bird scurries through the grass.
The lone bird expands her wings.
The lone bird swoops down to hover over the river.
The lone bird feathers her wings above the water.
The lone bird stands on the grass.
The lone bird skates on the ice.